How to Feel Confident and Comfortable on Camera and Start Sharing Your Brand’s Story Visually w/Nicole Anderson

For most of us, being on camera while we’re dealing with personal challenges is the last thing we want to do. However, building a brand requires us to push past the things holding us back, and if we want to make our mark we have to put ourselves out there. 

How can we stop letting our insecurities get in the way of telling our brand’s story more effectively? Is there anything we can do to feel more at-home in front of a camera? How can we bring our A-game to shoots as brand owners and photographers? 

In this episode, owner of NicoleBRanderson and It’s Not Brand Surgery, Nicole Anderson gives us a crash course on brand photography and how to do it right.

“Brand photography is about getting visuals that help people grow their businesses, so as a photographer in this niche you have to have a good understanding about business yourself.”

-Nicole Anderson

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to prepare for a brand photography shoot
    What do photographers and brand owners need to do ahead of a shoot to ensure we get the best results?
  • Where to share our brand photos
    We’ve had a ton of amazing pictures taken that highlight who we are and what our brands represent. Now, where do we put them? 
  • How to feel more confident on camera
    What can we do to feel like the best versions of ourselves at a photoshoot?

Guest Bio- 

Nicole Anderson is the Nashville-based owner of NicoleBRanderson, where she specializes in working with boss mom run small businesses, and It’s Not Brand Surgery, where she trains other brand photographers. She is the wife of an Englishman and the mom to two kiddos, Jack & Olivia! She’s seen all the Friends seasons 10 times, enjoys murder shows and will never pass up a charcuterie plate.

To find out more, go to her: NicoleBRanderson Instagram |  It’s Not Brand Surgery Instagrampersonal website | It’s Not Brand Surgery


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