We Have to Stop Believing That Raising Teenage Girls Is Difficult w/Dr. Michelle Deering

If you have daughters, you’ve had at least one person say that they are going to be difficult in their teenage years.

There are so many cultural stereotypes around teenage girls, and I’m tired of people telling me what kind of person my daughter will be.

Where does this negativity come from? How do we raise girls who will break this stereotype?

Just because you had a bad experience does not mean it’s going to be another person’s experience.

-Dr. Michelle Deering 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to unpack our bad experiences
    How do we overcome our negative experiences instead of projecting them onto others?
  • The best way to respond to negativity
    What should we do when someone projects negative experiences onto us?
  • The importance of speaking with our daughters
    How can we engage our daughters in conversations about the things they are exposed to?

Guest Bio

Dr. Michelle Deering is a mother-daughter relationship personal trainer who believes every mother and daughter should have a thriving loving relationship. This refreshing approach has made her a sought-after speaker, online educator, and consultant.

While Michelle is also a licensed psychologist in NC & NJ and a nationally board-certified sports psychologist, she has served as a Fortune 500 corporate trainer, business school admissions officer, and higher education professional. Nowadays, you’ll find her speaking at conferences, training for her next Reebok Spartan Sprint Race, and practicing rudiments on her drum kit — all while coaching, serving clients, and recording her hit podcast, Mother Daughter Connections™.

For more information, visit www.CurativeConnections.com.


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