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Moms Run Businesses Differently

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Moms have to run their businesses differently.

Motherhood and entrepreneurship are two full-time roles that many women navigate daily, often with little guidance on how to blend them harmoniously.
So much advice out there is focused on doing more, being more productive and just generally trying harder in order to yield the same results. But that doesn’t work for moms. We aren’t trying to yield the same results as someone who is single, or childless. We are just trying to run a profitable business the simplest way possible.
In short…

It’s not about thriving in business, it’s about redefining success in a way that cherishes our identity as mothers.

1. You don’t just need…
Better boundaries, or to wake up earlier, or to hire more people.
You need a sustainable business model that supports your life. Not a life that is built around sustaining your business.
BossMom+ is the space we created for moms like you to work smarter on your business, not harder. Go check it out!
2. The status quo of entrepreneurship and online business was never made for moms, and we can change that.
You don’t have to keep trying to win at a losing game. Or show up on social media all the time, or relentlessly give away your time and energy for the sake of your business.
There’s a better way and we know that if we arm together we can make it happen.

Think of it this way…

You’ve been feeling bad about your business not being where you want it to be. And you think something is wrong with you because you can’t seem to figure out how to grow.
What if you’ve just been using strategies and systems that weren’t ever made to fit into the life you have?

What ways have you been running your business that if you saw a friend doing, you would tell them they’re playing an un-winnable game?

Here are some examples we see often….
Posting in Facebook groups looking for clients sharing long teaching posts and getting crickets.
Hosting coffee chats to connect with other people, but never actually close any sales.
Creating social content every single day, or batch creating content a month at a time hoping that it will get you some growth.
Making “irresistible offers” no one can refuse, and then… still not making sales.
Setting up passive income systems with hard sells and still… not getting many sales.
If you’ve done any of those, nothing is wrong with you. And those aren’t even “bad” strategies so to speak. They just are efficient or sustainable for moms.
We can show you a better way inside of BossMom+. Come check it out right now!
Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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