Why Decluttering & Creating Space is the Greatest Gift Moms Can Give Themselves w/Krista Lockwood

Moms are notorious for letting clutter crowd our space. We rarely feel like we have our own dedicated space in our homes, and we’re always looking for a tiny nook and cranny to work and run our businesses. 

Decluttering isn’t just about having a cleaner, more organized house, it’s about creating the space that supports our mental and emotional health. How does decluttering put us in creative flow and help us get more done? 

In this episode, founder of Motherhood Simplified and Boss Mom Virtual Retreat speaker, Krista Lockwood returns to talk about the power of decluttering and creating space.

Our physical environment can support us in being who we naturally are.

-Krista Lockwood 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why declutter benefits our businesses
    How does a declutter aid our creativity and put our brains into go-mode?
  • How to create a nook of productivity in your home
    Do we have to carve out a huge space for ourselves and our work, or could smaller actually be better?
  • How to eliminate visual, mental and emotional barriers
    How do we clear away clutter so cleaning doesn’t become a procrastination task or an excuse to avoid more important stuff?

Guest Bio

Krista Lockwood is the Founder of Motherhood Simplified, where she teaches decluttering for moms who don’t want to be full blown minimalists. In 2013, she and her husband moved from Alaska to Florida with only one suitcase each. While she doesn’t believe you need to go that extreme, she has been able to master the balance of having enough, but not too much. Krista strongly believes we all have what it takes to create the lives and homes we want, no matter what that looks like. On top of her courses offered on decluttering, Krista is the host of the Motherhood Simplified Podcast.

To find out more about Krista, head to her Facebook Group |  Website | Podcast.

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