How to Jumpstart Your Program Sales
Without Spending Hours a Day on Social Media
Grab your notebook because this training is jam packed. You will learn...

How to leverage the lifespan of a launch to continually increase your sales 


The 3 things your program needs in order to get it to sell consistently


The #1 thing people always miss when they are promoting their program that get people saying they love you but keeps them from buying.


The simple 6 part system that can triple conversions without losing your authenticity.


and so much more!

Meet your training host...
Dana Malstaff
CEO, Boss Mom LLC

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Hey awesome lady!

If you are trying to figure out whether my advice is worth your time. Good for you... your time is precious.

I'm not entitled to your trust... that is something that I will have to earn.... and here is a good first step.

I launched the Boss Mom brand in 2015 with my first book Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro.

Boss Mom has seen some amazing growth in the last 5 years and I could tell you a ton of cools things I have done, spaces I have spoke, money I have made...but that's not whats most important.

What's most important is the picture you see to the left. This is me being 'me' and the best part is that my silly quirky self is still super smart and I am not ashamed of being me for one second.

I am not ashamed of being a mom, of wanting to not have to be a mom sometimes, of needing to cry sometimes, of changing my mind sometimes, and of protecting what I am building.

I want you to know that when you watch something I create, that I come from an authentic, honest place that wants to add value to your life.

I hope you decide to watch the training and see if it changes the way you run and build your business.

hugs & high fives,

Want to be sure this training is right for you?

If you are like me, then you love to learn, and also have limited time. I want you to feel like watching this training was one of the best possible uses of your time right now. So if you resonate with the statements below, then this training is for you. 


You have had success getting clients, decided to create sellable content, went to launch and didn’t get the results you wanted.


You now you are smart and capable and it really frustrates you that you can’t seem to figure out how to make it all work


You want to be seen as a leader in your space, be respected by your loved ones (when it comes to business) and not have to work so dang hard.


You have a ton of ideas, and get lots of awesome ah-ha moments and then find it hard to stay focused on one thing


You want a business that supports you, not demands from you. And you want your children to see that doing what you love is financially rewarding, not just time consuming.

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