How to Take Self-Care Off the Back Burner & Advocate For Your Wellbeing w/Jaime McFaden

As women, we’re born and bred in a world where self-care is seen as selfish, a luxury or something that’s always out of reach. We often put ourselves so low on the priority list, we end up falling apart, lacking energy and miserable, with bodies we don’t feel good in.

We’re taught to be okay with putting ourselves on the backburner, so how do we start paying attention to self-care? How do we advocate for our own wellbeing?

In this episode, self-care specialist, podcast host and best selling author of “WAVES of Self-Care”, Jaime McFaden shares her process for making ourselves a priority and how to internally take responsibility for ourselves.

We’re force fed so much information about what we’re supposed to do and what we’re supposed to look like, and it’s a traumatic experience because we’re taught to put ourselves on the backburner.

-Jaime McFaden

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What it means to be well
    Getting our nails done and taking long baths is great, but what is self-care actually?
  • How to take external expectations out of our decisions and actions
    In a world that constantly pushes specific beauty standards, how do we take care of our appearance and also celebrate our own unique features?
  • Why we have to practice social self-care
    How do we evaluate the people we spend time with and who we follow on social media so that we’re not feeding into things that make us feel bad about ourselves?

Guest Bio

Self-care specialist, podcast host and best selling author of “WAVES of Self-Care”, Jaime McFaden is passionate in helping busy moms find balance and put themselves on their priority list! After years of working in the fitness industry, Jaime realized there was much more to health than just the physical element so she linked up with doctors, therapists and other specialists to bring together a comprehensive self-care system: WAVE by J. For more information, head to https://jaimemcfaden.com/, follow @jaimemcfaden and send her DM to get a free self-care guide and buy her book here.


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