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How to Pick Your Parenting Battles w/Sarah Davis and Evie Granville


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Building new relationships with other parents, and maintaining existing ones, can be tricky when we have different parenting styles, so it’s important to know what type of mom we are. How can we find out our parenting type and should we avoid other types of parents altogether? How can we set boundaries with other parents without offending them?

On this episode, educators and co-hosts of the Modern Manners for Moms and Dads podcast, Sarah Davis and Evie Granville, share how to navigate friendships with other parents. 


Spend time with other parents who share your parenting style. When you connect with someone who has a similar perspective to you, it makes your relationship easier. -Evie Granville


3 Things We Learned From This Episode


1. Take a quiz to find out what kind of mom you are (05:50- 07:37)
There are three main ‘types’ of parents: self-preservers, accommodators and protectors. While we may not adhere to our own ‘types’ all the time, knowing which category we fall into can make it much easier for us to understand why we make certain decisions and be more understanding of others. 

2. Spend time with like-minded parents (12:00- 14:59)
Being friends with people who have a similar parenting style to our own can make spending time with each other much easier. Knowing what type of parent we are can help us create bonds with people who fit into our lives more easily. That being said, don’t cut off people with a different parenting style, just be mindful of the differences

3. Set boundaries (33:28- 36:22)
When our children are visiting their friends, it’s important for us to know and share our boundaries with other parents. For example, if we’re not happy with our kids being in a house with a gun, we need to raise that. Setting boundaries is often something we avoid because we don’t want to offend other parents, but there’s nothing to worry about if we handle every situation respectfully. 


Guest Bio- 

Sarah Davis, EdD, and Evie Granville, MEd, are a real-life best friend duo that shares refreshingly realistic advice on all those “what the h**l do I do now?” parenting moments. 

Educators and mothers to six young kids between them, Evie and Sarah teach moms and dads how to prioritize their own needs, their child’s, and everyone else’s when parenting in public. With their simple online quiz, you can discover which you naturally prioritize, and how that can help you shine or hold you back when it comes to building your confidence, character, and connections.

On their five-star podcast, Modern Manners for Moms and Dads, Evie and Sarah answer reader and listener questions. And stay tuned for the upcoming book in fall 2020!


To find out more about Sarah and Evie, head to


Modern Manners for Moms and Dads Facebook Group


And to find out your parenting style, take the quiz at EvieandSarah.com/quiz to discover which Parenting Perspective defines you, and how it’s helping you shine or hold you back!


You can also call them 857-MANNERS

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