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Boss Mom of the Week: Heather Crabtree

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Heather is a Small Business Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs who is on a mission to help others run their business without running themselves crazy. In addition to working with creatives, Heather is the  founder of the Savvy Business Owner’s Facebook group, which is a thriving community where she holds space for business owners of all kinds to educate, collaborate, and network with one another.

We love Heather because she is a voice of encouragement and a wealth of knowledge. This post in particular, Charge Your Worth, really resonated with us here at Boss Mom and we know you’ll love it too. Heather is the mom to two littles, London & Lane and we’re excited to celebrate her as an amazing parent and an amazing entrepreneur.

And if you are a creative entrepreneur who is looking for an awesome community, we highly recommend her Facebook group. You can join that here.


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Make sure to follow Heather:

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