Friendzone End-Zone: How To Get Out Of It And Still Provide Massive Value

Many women in the B2C space are finding themselves in the business friendzone. We help other people with their lives, relationships, health and more, and become so familiar, we get treated as a friend rather than a mentor.

Why is being in the friendzone in the marketing industry a huge problem? And how do we fix it?

In this episode, I discuss how to move out of the friendzone and into the mentorship zone, why we don’t want to be in the friendzone and why so many wonderful women are finding themselves in this position.

We don’t want to be in the friendzone because otherwise you’re just building a business that doesn’t give anything back to you.

-Dana Malstaff

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to tell if you’re in the friendzone
    There are certain indicators that can tell us if we’re in the business friendzone. How do we figure out what these are?
  • Share your scars, not your wounds
    When it comes to sharing our experiences, how do we make sure that we share them as a way to move forward?
  • How verbiage can tell if you are putting yourself in the friendzone.
    Can the language we use in our texts, emails and even daily conversations can be a contributing factor to putting ourselves in the friendzone?


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