How To Fix Your Business Messaging So It Grows

When our businesses aren’t growing, we’re struggling with exactly what we want to say and social media feels hard – the problem lies in our messaging. 

Our messaging is what gets people to care about what we do, and makes us authentic, intriguing and magnetic. It’s the thing that makes someone think, “OMG, this is my person” when they hear what you have to say. If our messaging is in any way wishy-washy, confusing and messy, how do we hone it and make it more specific? 

How do we start coming up with the things that will make us stand out? In this episode, I’m going to share why messaging is so important and how to dial it in.

When your messaging is honed in, you can’t keep quiet. You can’t not say what needs to be said.

-Dana Malstaff

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to tighten up messy, wishy-washy messaging
    Can sharing on too many different topics actually do more harm than good?
  • Why our messaging makes everything easier
    Instead of trying to niche down first, should we put more effort towards honing our messaging?
  • Why our opinions are so valuable in our messaging
    What aspects make up the messaging of a business that’s authentic and magnetic?


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If you’ve been running your business, creating content, doing all the things, but you’re not seeing growth, then you most likely have a messaging problem and the Nurture to Convert Society might be able to help. Check us out and schedule a call to find out if it’s the right fit for you.

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