Grow a Highly Engaged Facebook Group
Now is the time to grow a community and be seen as a leader in your space. There is no better way to do both of those things while also growing your email list and sales. In a time when we can't meet in person we are meeting online and we want to show you how to start and grow a Facebook Group the right way. 
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Too many Facebook Groups are built with you as the manager, not the leader. They leave you feeling exhausted, frustrated, and with low engagement. Here at Boss Mom we have perfected the art of community building and it's WAY easier than you would think. In fact, it actually takes less time and is way more rewarding when you create the kind of Group we teach in this course. Facebook will love you and so will your community members. 

What's included with your Start & Grow a Facebook Group Course...
A simple process to help you set the right culture for your group
Easy system to build weekly engagement 10x the normal engagement rate
Easy templates for all of the needed elements of your group
A prompt calendar so you never have to wonder what to post
Learn how to increase engagement on every post 
Checklist of daily posts for four weeks of content
Simple explanations so you can lay content in fast
Video training to make sure you hit it out of the park
I want it now!
Who is Dana, What is Boss Mom, and why should I trust her to help me on my business journey?
Great question... I am so glad you asked. 

Boss Mom was born in 2015 because I had spent the previous 2 years feeling alone, isolated, and guilty and finally decided to change the way I looked at my life and my business.

I needed a support system of other mom entrepreneurs to help me feel a little less crazy and what ended up happening was a movement that can't be stopped.

There are millions of moms out there with big beautiful brains that can't help but create businesses. There is a spark inside of us all that wants to create an impact in this world, and at Boss Mom, we want to fan that flame.

Boss Mom isn't just about having business & babies, it's about embracing the complexity of our lives and not feeling guilty that we not only want to be amazing parents but amazing entrepreneurs and leaders.

Boss Mom is about coming together to help each other rise up and become who we want to be, and achieve anything we can dream up.

Boss Mom is about creating a judge free space where we can cry one minute, and come up with a brilliant idea the next.

I may have started the Boss Mom movement when I wrote my first book, but it has grown into something more amazing and life-changing than I could have imagined.

If any of this has resonated with you, then you have found your home
and we welcome you with open arms and a huge high five.

Oh and Dana has organically grown the Boss Moms group to over 49k, has the Boss Mom Podcast with over 1Million downloads, has over 22k students in various programs, has created over 42 business building courses in the last 4 years, and has helped Boss Mom like you build 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few Questions We Get A Lot
What is the refund policy?
If you jump into the course and don't like what you see let us know. Because you get immediate access to the training, templates, and downloads you will need to show us that you went through the training and it didn't work for you in order to get a refund. We want to make sure you have an amazing experience and i think you will love this course. 
What if I have a Facebook Group already?
If you already have a Facebook Group that just isn't engaged, I would still get this course. All of the prompt and post training can turn your group around. And the rules and systems we have in place will show you how to take hold of your group and help it grow in a new way. 
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