Episode 264: Be Bold, Make Money & Find Your Power Squad with Ashleigh Blatt

Episode 264: Be Bold, Make Money & Find Your Power Squad with Ashleigh Blatt

Every now and then you come across those people who just totally blow the socks off of you because of how darn awesome they are, and today’s guest, Ashleigh Blatt, is absolutely one of those people!


Self-described money maker for celebrities and high net worth entrepreneurs, Ashleigh came out of her behind-the-scenes role to the forefront as the Chief Curator & Master Motivator within The Power Squad Project, an email community for women entrepreneurs who want to connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs interested in building a giant business that gives them freedom, a challenge and an impact on the world.


This episode is great for anyone looking for motivation, inspiration, and practical tactics to be bold, get clients, get what you want, and do what you want.

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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • How Ashleigh started working with celebrity, high net-worth clients
  • Why it’s important to keep learning and stay relevant as the market changes
  • How to be bold in going after what you want
  • Why page views and followers don’t always equal dollar bills
  • The importance of finding your squad and lifting each other up benefits everyone

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