Episode 261: Are You Hungry for Happiness? with Samantha Skelly

Episode 261: Are You Hungry for Happiness? with Samantha Skelly

In this episode I’m joined by the amazing Samantha Skelly, Founder of Hungry for Happiness, to talk about how to identify what we’re truly hungry for in life and how to start honoring ourselves and our bodies by ending the battle with food and body image.


If you’ve ever struggled with your relationship to food, dieting, weight loss and body image, my hope is that you’ll be encouraged by tuning into this important conversation and walk away feeling ready to try something different.

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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • Some of Samantha’s personal journey with using food as a drug, hating her body and how she has overcome while helping other women do the same
  • The key to letting go of self-judgement (it starts with changing our mindset!)
  • The #1 driver behind why we fear what we do
  • How to honor yourself and your bodies by releasing the emotional weight you’re carrying around that will lead to releasing physical weight
  • How to develop a strong sense of connection with your body, rooted in truth instead of lies and shame

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