Episode 259: The One Phrase That Will Change Your Life

Episode 259: The One Phrase That Will Change Your Life

This week I wrapped up our second Boss Mom Retreat in Charlotte, NC with dozens of incredible, powerful, beautiful women doing amazing things in their lives and businesses.


I’m exhausted, but completely inspired and invigorated because of the connections and experiences we all had together…it makes me excited to keep pushing forward.


On the way home my good friend Kelsey Murphy and I decided to celebrate with a little wine and a few movies, and in this episode I’m sharing some impactful takeaways from both the retreat and the couple of movies we watched that I think just might change the way you think about life and business from this moment on.

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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • How to practice staying open to what life and people have to teach you
  • The importance of connecting in real life
  • How connection, stories and experiences can shape your life and move your business forward
  • How to find the one phrase that will change YOUR life

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