Episode 248: The Power of Using Innovation to Solve Problems with Laura Roeder

Episode 248: The Power of Using Innovation to Solve Problems with Laura Roeder

In this episode NJ and I are joined by Laura Roeder, the Founder & CEO of Edgar, a revolutionary social media scheduling tool that changed the way business owners are able to share social media content.


During our conversation you’ll hear all about Laura’s journey to starting her company, becoming a mom and how using innovation to solve problems can be so powerful in growing your business and changing the world.

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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • How to grow a business and change the world by leveraging innovation
  • Why you can’t delay what you want in life based strictly on your business plans
  • What it looks like to balance what customers are asking you for while staying true to your business vision
  • How every element you add to your offerings adds a decision for your user’s to make (which isn’t always a good thing!)
  • Why you shouldn’t be obsessing over cracking the Facebook algorithm
  • Why Laura believes developing “CEO mindset” is a perpetual process
  • The secret sauce to successful delegation when building a team

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