Episode 77: Being An Almost Mom, Business Partners, and Sustainable Systems with Emylee Williams [PODCAST]

Being An Almost Mom, Business Partners, and Sustainable Systems with Emylee Williams. In this episode of the Boss Mom Podcast, Emily and Dana talk about what it means to be an “almost” mom, podcast and business partners, and sustainability in business.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Emylee’s infertility story, her view of being an “almost” mom and the journey to adoption.
  • How Emylee and her business partner, Abagail, started Think Creative Collective.
  • Making a partnership in business work and finding balance.
  • Taking a break from working to find productivity.
  • How Emylee and Abagail deal with overwhelm.

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Can I quote you on that? 

  • Know what you want at the end, break it down from there and you can get to your end goal. – Emylee
  • Creativity needs space to breathe. – Emylee
  • Tweek, don’t pivot if something doesn’t work. – Dana
  • Recognizing what my partner is good at, and not trying to be good at everything. – Emylee
  • Even if you have 15 minutes, figure out what will move the business needle the most and give 200%. – Emylee

More about our guest, Emylee Williams.


Emylee is the co-founder of Think Creative Collective. They believe you have dreams worth achieving. They want you to wake up everyday empowered to do what you love. They educate thousands of creative entrepreneurs (just like you) through our 180+ blog posts, free online workshops and the Strategy Academy. They strive to create a path to achieving your goals. And reward yourself with a purposeful and profitable business.

At Think Creative Collective it is so much more than just a cute Instagram feed or being popular. We strive to harvest a community built on giving. You can sit with us. They are about helping businesses become brands that make a difference. They’ll give you the kick in the butt you’ve been needing to grow your business, simplify and streamline your life.

Emylee is the brand strategist, photographer and house plant hoarder at Think Creative Collective. After growing a lifestyle photography business she began working with bloggers and creatives with business strategy and brand curation. That led her into the online space with educational webinars and courses when she met Abagail. They merged their two businesses into one mega powerhouse now known as Think Creative Collective. When Emylee isn’t stylizing the perfect Instagram shot with her latest fake succulent you can find her chugging (decaf) coffee, failing at Whole 30 and convincing her husband that they absolutely need to buy another house plant.

Emylee and Abagail are hosting “Snap, Style & Sell” Thursday, June 22 at noon. The link: bit.ly/SnapStyleSell.

Think Creative Collective has an Instagram Challenge happening right now that people can sign up for whenever: http://bit.ly/InstagramBootcamp.

To download our latest freebie, “The Easiest Business Plan Ever” they can head here: http://bit.ly/EasiestBusinessPlanEver.

If they want to start on a free Instagram “Quadruple Your Instagram” e-course they can head here: http://bit.ly/quadrupleyourinstagram.

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