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Episode 373: How to Monetize Your Content with Brand Sponsorships w/Monica Pruett


Getting brands to pay us for the things we’re already creating is an entrepreneurs dream, but it can seem difficult to make this happen. Why is sponsored content something any creator can find success with, even without a massive following,? Do you have to be on certain platforms to get sponsor dollars?

On this episode, Monica Pruett shares on strategies for getting sponsorship, how she’s helped entrepreneurs of different sizes, and why sponsorships give us freedom.

If you have goals for your income and you know that sponsored work can help you monetize your influence, now is a really good time to reach out to brands. -Monica Pruett


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

Why sponsorships don’t require hundreds of thousands of followers (12:32 – 13:01)

It doesn’t matter what size you are— it’s really about the fit and your audience. Your audience has pain points, and you won’t necessarily create everything that will solve every single pain point. Brands and companies who create products that can fill the gaps are great potential partners you can reach out to.


Which platform is best for sponsorships (22:42 – 24:58 )

You don’t have to be a blogger to be successful with sponsored content. Whether you have a following on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or YouTube, having some kind of following is all that matters. The main challenge with some of the platforms is lacking the same level of metrics and data, so you’ll have to learn where to pull the info to use for your pitches.


Why sponsored content is so effective (25:21 – 25:48)

We’ve been conditioned to shut off advertising, but sponsored content is still effective because people will listen to people they already follow and like. Having an audience’s attention is what brands are looking for.  


Whether you’re a blogger, Instagrammer, or a YouTuber, you can actually grow your business and your income through sponsored content and brand sponsorships. It doesn’t necessarily matter what platform you’re on. Being an influencer is the important part. As brands are planning their strategy for this year, this is the perfect time to reach out to brands. You could be their next influencer and meet your income goals.


Guest Bio

Monica Pruett is a former advertising account executive turned full-time influencer, instructor, and strategist. She teaches other entrepreneurs who dream of working from home how to create a consistent income from their influence through public speaking, online programs and a range of other agency services. She specializes in helping her clients and students MONETIZE THEIR INFLUENCE through social media, networking, contract collaboration, and sponsored content creation.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 373: How to Monetize Your Content with Brand Sponsorships w/Monica Pruett”

  1. Sponsorships can be so powerful and effective, but so many bloggers don’t realize that this is an option for them. It’s nice to know that people like Monica are out there to help bloggers. Great episode – thanks!

  2. Geovanna Burgess White

    Thank you for having Monica on. I was diagnosed with the same blood disorder she has and have 2 beautiful children after loosing 6 in my journey. I had never met or heard of another story similar to mine. I always felt like I was the only one and her sharing her story was close to my heart. ??

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