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Episode 366: Nurture Your Business: When to Coach & When to Sell on a Call


When dealing with prospects, it can be tough to know when our advice should be paid for and how much we should give away so people fall in love with us and want more from us. How can we find the right balance between coaching and selling so we’re giving value but not giving away something we should be paid for? When is coaching the best way to sell, or when should we just sell our program? On this episode, I talk about how to coach someone when they are still a prospect.

When you’re with a prospect, you have to be a walking sales letter. -Dana Malstaff


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • 6 elements of sales pages:
    • Frustration
    • Transformation
    • Will they gain the most from what you have to offer?
    • How do you fit into solving their frustration?
    • What are the benefits and features of what they are getting?
    • What is your social proof?
  • If someone says, “I have a lot to think about, this has been a great call,” you have given too much away.
  • A coach guides people to come to their own conclusions. A consultant tells you what to do and gives you a recommended course of action.  


In everything we do, we are the sales rep of our business. This is especially true when we’re talking to prospects. The way we interact with them depends on our goals, the problems we’re solving, and the frustrations and challenges our prospect is facing.

What we must learn to balance is giving value to bring people into our world vs. giving just enough of that away so people still want to buy from us. We have to fill in their gaps to show our value. When they see it, we can ask them to invest in us.

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