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Episode 365: How Animals Saved My Life & Sanity w/Val Heart

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Communicating with animals is something we typically think only a few people can do, but we all have the ability. How do we tap into this gift and enter into collaboration and partnership with our pets? How do we create a better family communication structure with our animals and help our children connect with them? What are the techniques we can use to communicate better with animals and people?

On this episode, I talk to “The Real Dr. Doolittle”, Val Heart, about better communication and solving behavior problems collaboratively.

Animals are really like our angels, teachers, guides and healers. -Val Heart


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

Why animals are so important in our lives (03:24 – 03:55)

Animals serve a very important purpose in our lives. They are our angels, teachers, guides and healers. When we learn to recognize, respect and revere them for who they truly are, they help us become the best versions of ourselves.


Why we shouldn’t treat animals like they need to be fixed (15:38 – 15:48)

If we approach an animal (or person) with the idea of trying to “fix” them, it positions us as an authority when we’re actually supposed to be in partnership.


Don’t think of animals as owned property (16:26 – 18:04)

It’s easy to treat our animals like a possession we just own, but this is the wrong way to think about it. When we treat animals, or even other people, like we own them or like they are a problem to be fixed, it immediately creates resistance and pushback. We’re not owners. We’re caretakers and guardians.  


We all have the ability to “talk” with animals, and if we know how to tap into this, it can even improve how we communicate with other people. When we communicate with animals, we have to approach it from a neutral, witness, observer space. If we want to foster a strong relationship with our animals, we have to see it, feel it and say it. This is a gift we’ve all been given, and we can start using it now.


Guest Bio

Val Heart, aka The Real Dr. Doolittle is the world’s leading animal whisperer. She is the CEO of Heart Communication Enterprises Inc, Founder of The HEART System™ for solving problems with pets. She is the bestselling author and a featured expert on ABC, NBC and Fox News, as well as in People Magazine, My S.A., and Great Day S.A. She solves problem with pets & teaches cat, dog, horse & animal communication. Val fell in love with horses when she was five years old and began her long term relationship getting to know and understand horses. Her work with horses led to intensive study in developing her gifts with animal communication and other supporting healing techniques.

Go to https://www.valheart.com for more information.

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Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff

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