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Episode 361: Mindset, Limiting Beliefs & How We Can Remove Overwhelm By Delving into the Subconscious w/Tracy Bech


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As entrepreneurs, we may often feel like something is holding us back from getting to the next level. In a lot of the cases, it’s our own thoughts and negative stories we tell ourselves about taking a certain action. How does our way of mentally and emotionally processing a challenge or opportunity impact whether we execute on it or not? What can we do to start telling and believing a story that’s more beneficial to us?

On this episode, I talk with mindset mastery coach and consultant, Tracy Bech, about how we create reality with our thoughts, and how to overcome the mental stumbling blocks in our businesses.

At some point you have to engage a certain mindset in order to deal with and process the opportunities and challenges you’re presented with. -Tracy Bech


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

The real reason we struggle to take action (17:16 – 19:01)

When we find ourselves not taking action on something, it’s the thoughts we’ve attached to the task that prohibit us from doing it. There’s something underneath we haven’t voiced outwardly, or our subconscious is protecting us from whatever it is we don’t want to experience. When we attach a negative story to that action, it’s going to hold us back.


Why we shouldn’t leave a decision open-ended (22:39 – 23:15)

We need to put a finite amount of time on how much we’re going to research and figure out before we make a decision. The more unmade decisions we have, the more stressed and indecisive we’re going to feel. Indecision stacks up, which makes life chaotic and causes us to feel like we have no control.


The science behind the way our subconscious tells us things that aren’t true (25:40 – 28:04)

Human beings can only process so much data and information, and we’re inundated with so much of it on a daily basis. Our brains will start to generalize, distort and delete as much data as possible, and the stories we tell ourselves are a huge part of that. Once we believe the world is an overwhelming place, our minds will generalize and distort everything that happens to get to that conclusion, and they will delete anything that doesn’t support that.


The challenges we face as business owners are often unique to entrepreneurship. We have to push through a lot of obstacles, and we have to do it with a brave face. When doing a certain task feels unbearable, it tells us that there’s something we’re not expressing that’s keeping us from doing it. In our subconscious, we’ve planted a story about the task which causes us to self-sabotage. In order to overcome, we have to remove the blinders we move through life with, and opt for a lens that’s more optimistic and supporting of the goal we have for our businesses and lives. If we clean that up subconsciously, nothing will stop us.


Guest Bio

Tracy Bech is a serial entrepreneur and currently runs Good Path Consulting and peeLUX. Good Path is where she consults with clients using her 15 years of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce and peeLUX is her invention for using the ladies’ room while wearing shapewear. She is passionate about bringing both her business advice and her invention to people who need it most!.

For more information, go to goodpathconsulting.com and follow @goodpathconsulting on Instagram.

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