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Episode 357: The Power of Matched & Guided Accountability w/Charlena Smith

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For many of us, it can feel as if there are obstacles that keep us from getting to that next level, and we may need someone to help shed light on the path. How can we find the right accountability partner? Why shouldn’t this role be played by friends and family? How can we start spending time in the activities that get us closer to our goals?

On this episode, Optio founder Charlena Smith shares on overcoming her biggest challenge and how that helped her find her passion and legacy.

If you put your mind to it, create the right goals, have the right partner and the right attitude, you can break through a lot of glass ceilings. -Charlena Smith


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

One factor that leads to burnout (07:19 – 09:09 )

Charlena went through two difficult pregnancies, one of which turned into an illness that completely derailed her life. She struggled to tell her loved ones she needed help, and overwhelmed herself with tasks. This is something many moms struggle with because we feel like we should be good at multitasking and working well under pressure— but this can easily burn us out.


The nurturing mistake we make (09:18 – 10:06)

As women, we are natural nurturers, and we’re wired to feel valued when we’re nurturing— whether it’s necessary or not. We seek out ways to nurture, and very often we forget that it’s about the end result. If our children need to be fed, we don’t necessarily have to do the cooking if it’s not something you love to do. We just have to make the food available.


How to find the right accountability partner (21:31 – 22:57)

One huge thing that holds us back from achieving our goals is having the wrong priorities. An accountability partner isn’t just about reminding us what we need to get done. It’s keeping us responsible to spend time in the right places. For this to be truly effective, we need an outsider who can help us see where we’re straying from our path, and call us out on it.


Guest Bio

Charlena is the founder of Optio an organization that empowers women to live their best, most inspired lives through Matched and Guided Accountability. Go to https://www.myoptio.org/ for more information.

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Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff

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