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Episode 355: How to Start Your Own Successful Freelancing Business w/Micala Quinn

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For many moms who are frustrated with 9-5 jobs, freelancing is a great way to make money and make time for their families. What’s driving this demand for freelance work? How can we find the right jobs in freelancing? How can we leverage what we’re good at?

On this episode, Micala Quinn shares how she turned her freelancing experience into a successful coaching business, and how moms can get into freelancing.

A lot of smart people will outsource some of the tasks they either don’t know how or want to do, to a team of freelancers. -Micala Quinn


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

Why freelancing has exploded (16:11 – 16:41)

A lot of people who run businesses don’t want or need full-time employees, and instead have a demand for part-time workers who can tackle a specific project. This has led to rise of freelance and project-based consulting.


How to find the right freelance opportunity for you (16:46 –  18:55)

Freelance work presents so many different opportunities that suit different skill sets and people. Working as a virtual assistant is a good start, and so is social media management. Recently Pinterest strategy and management have really exploded, and this presents opportunities for freelancers.


Where to start when you don’t know the right freelance job for you (20:11 – 20:36)

When we’re not clear on what we’re good at or what kind of freelancing work we can do, just start as a VA. There are no set skills or requirements, and we get to learn more about what we’re good at through that work. Not every business owner wants an expert— they might only have a budget for a beginner, so that can work perfectly.


Guest Bio

Micala Quinn is a wife, mom, teacher, and founder of Live Free, Mama where she helps working moms leverage their current skills and talents into a profitable freelance career.

When she’s not working she can be found going on a walk to the park with her daughter, making a home cooked meal, or watching Friends for the millionth time.

If you’re thinking of starting your own freelance business, be sure to take Micala’s course. Go to https://micalaquinn.com/ for more information.

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