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Episode 337: Nurture Your Business: The 6 Stages of Change & How They Can Help You Sell to the Right People


Business is all people, and the more we understand people, the better. How can we learn to understand the process someone goes through when making a change? What is the process we should move our clients through? How can we provide our services to people at each stage in the process? On this episode, I talk about the 6 stages of making a change and how to leverage them in your service offering.


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Sales is a learned skill, not a personality trait.
  • In the contemplation phase, we can provide content and resources to help our clients move to preparation mode.
  • Someone can be in action in one part of their life, pre-contemplation in another, and contemplation in yet another.
  • Our goal is to get people into maintenance mode. It means we’ve done our job and we can move on.


The stages of making a change are pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance and termination/relapse. When we’re familiar with these steps, we can help our clients progress through the stages, moving them into action and maintenance. Knowing how people feel at each stage means we’re better equipped to sell to them, making us more impactful and effective.  

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