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Episode 331: Nurture Your Business: How to Create a Flash Sale with Dana & Dawn

Flash sales are a good way to make some extra money without building big campaigns. What price points work best with flash sales? Should you have an audience that you keep engaged via email? What happens when you give a discount on your signature program?

In this episode, Dawn Marss shares how you can build a flash sale from scratch.

Flash sale to people who you’ve already been nurturing.
-Dawn Marrs


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Before you start a flash sale, you have to make sure you have an engaged list of people who already like what you’re doing. 
  • Products and services that don’t have a high price are best for flash sales. If you do sell only high priced items, you can bundle up and give a discount to make them look cheaper.
  • You can build a bigger list by investing in Facebook advertising and creating content for your business.


Make sure your advertising and content marketing efforts are targeted at people who need your products or services. When you do build a list, try to start the nurturing process right away. It doesn’t take much time to nurture for a flash sale, but you still need to make yourself known get them to like and trust you before the sale.

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