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Episode 329: Nurture Your Business: How to Get Things Done in Your Business When You Don’t Have Time

The best way to shake off the feeling of being overwhelmed is to set realistic and measurable goals. By doing so, you only have to look at your to-do list and ask yourself, “Which of the tasks here help me achieve my goals?”. This will help you prioritize and declutter your work hours. This doesn’t mean the rest of the tasks can be ignored completely, but because they aren’t as important, you can afford the luxury of delaying them without feeling guilty.


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • When we feel we don’t have enough time, we struggle with organizing, prioritizing, and taking action.
  • The solution is not making your to-do list smaller, but instead knowing what’s urgent and important right now.
  • We rarely have the time or the resources to do everything we want, so we have to pick the one thing that keeps our business afloat.
  • When setting a goal, make sure it’s both realistic and measurable. Don’t put yourself down if it takes longer than expected.


Everything on your to-do list may seem important, but narrowing it down and setting a goal will give you a direction. Anything on your list that brings you closer to your goal becomes a priority. What are some daily tasks you can do to reach your goals?

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