Episode 274: How to Network Strategically to Move Your Business Forward with Dana & NJ

Episode 274: How to Network Strategically to Move Your Business Forward with Dana & NJ

Networking is something we hear about often as business owners, but many of us are scared by.

The thought of asking to be friends with someone or asking for help from someone can be totally intimidating.

But, networking can lead to some of the best kind of growth for your business and is one fear that I highly encourage you work toward overcoming.

In this episode we are exploring what it means to network strategically, and some practical tips for making it happen as you go into a new year ready to do new things in your business.


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In This Episode You'll Hear

  • The power of networking and what it can do for your business (and life!)
  • Why it’s important to strategically choose the relationships you’ll invest time and effort into
  • How to develop consistency in building relationships that move your business forward
  • The importance of making a plan of action to ensure you’re taking purposeful action

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