Episode 26: 3 Essentials You Need In Your Business To Help It Grow [Podcast]

In this episode of the Boss Mom Podcast Dana and NJ talk about how they handle their business when they have sick kids and the three main pillars of running an efficient growing business as an entrepreneur.  Let’s dive right in!

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In this episode you’ll here: 

  • Dana and NJ talk about how having kids home sick effects their business
  • How Dana and NJ handle their business when their kids are sick…. what they do get done and what they let go
  • Why the words automate, delegate, and eliminate are
  • A peek behind the scenes of the Boss Mom brand and how Dana runs her team.
  • Why Dana let go of her Dana Malstaff brand.
  • Why it is okay to take yourself out of the running.

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  • I’m addicted to having a team to help me run my brand. It’s amazing. I was at the zoo and got a notification that my team members were collaborating. It was magical. My brand was moving forward and I was spending time with my kids.  – Dana
  • The best team members are the ones who are also your ideal client. The value they provide beyond their skill set is as magical as rainbows, unicorns, and garden gnomes. – Dana & NJ
  • Automate. Delegate. Eliminate. It will change your business. – Dana
  • Don’t be afraid to show your kids your work. Sow those seeds of entrepreneurship. My six year old just came to me with a business plan for his school fundraiser. -NJ

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