Episode 23: How to Be Authentic in Your Marketing, Lead by Giving Value & Create a Legacy w/Bob Heilig

Many entrepreneurs design their business from the position of scarcity, and it’s evident in the way they promote themselves and their products. How do we shift our business strategy from wanting to win to wanting to help other people? When we have a product to sell, why is it so important to avoid being too salesy and putting people off? Why does success elude us until we make what we do about helping other people?

On this episode, Legacy Leadership founder Bob Heilig shares on fatherhood and entrepreneurship, being present, and why it’s so important to elevate your marketing by doing it right.

“Income is a byproduct of impact. The secret to success is focusing first on what you can give through your business and your products.” -Bob Heiling

Things We Learned From This Episode

1. How to avoid getting trapped by the freedom of entrepreneurship (13:58 – 14:23)
One of the biggest problems we have as entrepreneurs is when we achieve time freedom, freedom becomes our downfall sometimes because we don’t create structure and boundaries around our time. As a result, our productivity starts to suffer and we end up busy, but not productive.


2. How to be authentic in your marketing (21:19 – 21:58)
Many people struggle with not believing in what they are doing. They have a hard time making the connection between their authentic selves and the salesy, inauthentic strategies that people are teaching them to do. As a result, they really struggle with their identity as it relates to business. To solve this, it’s key that we shift from “selling” to giving value, educating, and teaching people.


3. How to avoid promoting your products without putting people off (23:05 – 26:58)
When you’re sharing what you do with someone, be careful that you don’t end up only selling and promoting what you have. The more you push people in that area, the less it makes them want what you have to offer. A simple shift is to just educate, help and teach people. By sharing something of value that helps someone else, you become more valuable.


The truth about entrepreneurship is that it’s impossible for us to get what we want if we’re only focused on winning for ourselves. We have to realize that our businesses are a vehicle for us to live out our purpose, which is to serve others and make a difference in the world. In order to succeed, we shouldn’t think about what we need to have. We’ve got to think about who we need to become and work backward from the characteristics of success.


Guest Bio

Bob is the founder of the Legacy Leader Movement and known as ‘Your Virtual Upline’ to thousands of network marketing professionals all over the world.  His mission is to help elevate and transform the network marketing profession by completely changing the way that people go about building their businesses. He teaches people about the power of putting love, service, and using the vehicle of network marketing as a way to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  His motto is ‘don’t just build a bigger downline, build a better world.’

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