Episode 220: What to Do When You Have Too Many Ideas

Raise your hand if you’re one of those entrepreneurs who constantly has a barrage of ideas flowing through your brain at any given moment?

I can totally relate, which is why I’m diving into the topic of how to handle having all those ideas without letting them clog up your brain and productivity.


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If you are an “idea person” it’s important for you to have a contingency plan for dealing with the many ideas that pop into your head so you can make sure you’re giving attention to the ones that really matter.

Here are a few steps to begin walking through when you have tons of ideas all the time:

1. Don’t feel bad about having a ton of ideas, leverage them!

We hear all the time that we should be clear and focused as business owners, but how many times have you heard someone mentioned struggling with “shiny object syndrome” and labeling it like it’s a bad thing?

Here’s the thing: focus isn’t the denial of all your ideas in favor of just one or two. It’s the recognition of your ideas and the conscious effort you put forth the make sure the ideas you pursue are the ones that will work best for you, your life, your business and your finances.

Don’t feel bad about having so many ideas – instead, leverage it! For example, I am an “idea person” which is why I love having a podcast because, though I can’t pursue every single idea I have in my business, having a content machine like a podcast gives me an avenue through which to explore my ideas, see what works, what sticks, and what doesn’t without denying my ideas.

2. Systemize the process of funneling through your ideas

There’s nothing worse than walking around with a cloud of ideas mucking up your brain and preventing you from seeing clearly enough to actually execute the best ideas.

I strongly suggest having a place to brain dump all of your ideas so they are out of your brain, saved somewhere on paper or digitally (or both, like me!) so you can know they’ve been captured for further evaluation either now or later, but they aren’t taking up precious brain space and threatening your focus.

Personally, I love to use my Boss Mom Daily Action Journal as a “catch-all” for my ideas. I keep one by my bed, in my purse, and a few other places to make sure I always have somewhere to write my ideas down, then I transfer the ideas I want to keep and revisit into Trello.

3. Filter through ideas based on your priorities

When it comes to siphoning through your ideas, it’s important to make sure you’re holding them up to your overall goals, priorities and objectives….not just for your business, but your life as well.

If you’ve gotten a system down for capturing your ideas, the next step is taking time every so often to check out the ideas you’ve had and see which ones align with what you are wanting to accomplish in your life and business.

It’s really helpful to do this because we will often get ideas singularly, but when we have them all captured somewhere (outside of our head!) we can see them collectively, find what fits together, and make decisions based on our priorities.

4. Allow your ideas to give you clarity

Your ideas shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed, but rather they should give you clarity on exactly where you want to go and what those ideas will or won’t get you.

When you have new ideas, use the system and process you’ve created to capture, filter and make clear-cut decisions that align with your priorities, fit within your objectives, make you money and fuel your soul.


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