Episode 115: Building Your Team at All Stages of Your Business with Dana & NJ

Building Your Team at All Stages of Your Business. In this episode, Dana and NJ talk about hiring team members to benefit yourself and your business. This show is sponsored by Legacy Creative Company.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Building a team and adding new team members.
  • Team roles in a business.
  • A shift in the Boss Mom team.
  • Preliminary thoughts and steps for growing a team.
  • Why the Boss Mom team is so great (Dana’s secret).
  • Why adding a team member is so important.
  • Money and hiring.

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Danielle Roberts, Virtual Assistant and owner of Legacy Creative Company, is a VA for small business owners who is passionate about helping others grow their business through finding the right help for them. My service offerings include the virtual assistant strategy sessions and small business growth strategy through virtual concierge services.

In addition to loving her work as a member of the Boss Mom team, Danielle is a full-time wife to Lucas, and mother of three wonderful babies. As a Boss Mom, she loves working from home where she has the freedom to hug babies and make a difference in the businesses of others at the same time!

To schedule a strategy session with Danielle at the special Boss Mom discount price, use the link http://bit.ly/lccobossmom.

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Can I quote you on that? 

  • “No Boss Mom is an Island. – NJ
  • Even the most time productive people will be better if they add team members. – NJ
  • If the people on your team do what they love doing, then they will do it better and love their job. – Dana
  • When you’re growing a business, your business expenses will grow. – Dana
  • You should hire someone before you buy another course. – Dana
  • There’s a push to automate, I don’t automate my relationship with my community. – Dana
  • Having people on my team who I love and I love interacting with are not only invested in the brand, but investing in each other. – Dana
  • The best thing we can do as a boss is to cultivate those working for us and build them up. – Dana

Connect with Dana & NJ

Dana: Instagram / Boss Mom Facebook Community (her total happy place)

NJ : Website / Instagram (her total happy place)

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