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Episode 11: Major Lessons My Dad Taught Me that Made Me Successful

Our parents shape the way we see the world around us, and they can also teach us lessons that are applicable to our businesses. How can we help our children get a better understanding of the world around them? What’s the best way to pass on the lessons we’ve learned? And why is it so important to allow kids to help us with smaller tasks?

In this episode, I talk about the lessons I’ve learned from both my biological father and stepfather about life and business.

If you want a consistency of income in your business, then create a consistency of habit. -Dana Malstaff

Things We Learned From This Episode

1. Why we should let our children see what we do for a living (03:40-05:00)

Bringing our children to work doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Our children can learn about responsibility by helping us do a few small tasks. At the end of the day, we teach them that their work is valued and appreciated from an early age.


2. Why people and numbers are the pillars of every business (06:00-07:00)

Running a business is all about being in touch with the right people and knowing your numbers. You need to track everything in order to know how many people you need to talk to, what your conversion rate is, and how much work you have to put in to reach a certain number.


3. Kill your “darlings” (07:40-09:20)

We often have to kill our ideas and start all over again. It could be the way we write or the fact that we use too much jargon. Whatever we do, it has to be in line with what our audience expects and wants from us, not what we want.


The most important lessons our children learn from us aren’t necessarily the ones we intend to teach them, but the ones they get from experience. Allowing them to hang around us and giving them small tasks to take care of makes them feel useful and valuable. Our children want to spend time with us and imitate us, and what better way to prepare them for adult life than by allowing them to lend a helping hand?

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