Everyone Has An Opinion About Your Parenting: How to Set Boundaries Around What Matters w/Destini Davis

As moms, we are often influenced by other parents and people who may not agree with our parenting style. It’s easy to feel pressured and change the way we do things, but it’s important to remember the intention behind our beliefs and systems.

How do we stay true to our opinions even when people are telling us otherwise? How do we ensure that we stay accountable as parents, and how do we begin making changes if a certain parenting style doesn’t give us the results we want?

In this episode, working mom, parenting coach and author Destini Ann Davis joins me to talk about parenting belief systems, how she is spreading her message to help others and what steps you should take to change parenting styles.

Make boundaries around what matters to you as a person.

-Destini Davis

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Spreading your message with the intention to serve
    It can feel scary to be vulnerable and share our struggle stories, but why is it such a powerful thing to do?
  • The importance of setting boundaries
    Not having boundaries in place can get messy and it’s never too late to set them. How do we set these boundaries around the things that matter to us?
  • Starting and growing a social media audience
    What are some of the ways in which we can use our experiences to create content?

Guest Bio

Destini Davis is a compassionate and relatable source for navigating motherhood! She takes the psychology of parenting and turns it into fun, digestible content for her community. She teaches with empathy and empowers parents to shift the culture of their homes to more intention, grace, and presence. Though her social media impact seemed to happen overnight, her work and passion for positive discipline have grown through years of study, practice, and implementation. From the public school system to her own home, Destini has been developing her connection-based approach for 10+ years. She has a heart for parents and has seen first hand how a family can transform through intentional, empowered parenting. In a society where parents are more stressed than ever, Destini Ann’s heartfelt content reminds us of the power of presence, empathy, and playfulness. This is her passion and purpose– to remind parents of their innate power so that they can give that same gift to their children!

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