The Simple Content Formula that will build, engage, and convert a loyal audience.
(and give you permission to stop making so much content all the time)
Right now we are dealing with closed schools, social distancing, toilet paper scuffles, and just a whole lot of uncertainty. AND we still need to figure out how to keep our businesses running right now. Now is the perfect time to stop doing all the things that aren't helping you grow and simplify, so you can also focus on yourself and your family.
During This Short 45 Minute Training, I'm going to show you...
The only 6 types of messaging you need to nurture and convert a cold audience... whether its on social media, email, interviews, video... you get the idea
All of the content you are wasting hours a week on that's actually confusing the market and costing you sales and authority
The exact weekly schedule that will build authority, relationships, and sales 
The 5 types of questions to ask online to 10x your engagement
A whole lot of permission to stop doing a ton of work that isn't helping you grow your business (this is a big one)
I know how it feels...

When I jumped into the deep end of being my own boss back in 2013 I had no idea...seriously. I immediately got preggers and become a Boss Mom all in one day.

I spent 2 years trying to figure out how to navigate the online space and carve a way for myself.

In 2015, I wrote the book Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business and Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro and the Boss Mom brand was born.

I merged my corporate experience in marketing, sales, community development, brand design, team management, and tech along with the Boss Mom movement and have spent the last 6 years building an internationally recognized brand.

I distilled down the system that worked and has worked for hundreds of clients and that is exactly what I am going to show you.

So come join me... I am keeping it short and sweet and jam packed with goodness. 

I promise I'm legit!

Working with Dana is like having a marketing genius fairy in your pocket. - Mallory Majcher


When I look back at my entrepreneurial journey, a few days stick out as critical turning points. The most recent was the day that I spent with Dana Malstaff in San Diego. Not only was it massively impactful for my business but it was personal, engaging, and fun.
- Bevin Farrand


Whether it’s navigating social media, or developing strategic marketing and communications plans that pay off in a big way, Dana has got you covered. If you’re looking for no BS results, you can’t go wrong with Dana as your co-pilot. This gal’s got the chops! - Psychological Thriller Author, Aran Jane


Dana is a business guru. Every time we speak, I have more clarity around how to attract, retain and support clients, with clear specific steps needed to move forward. Dana gets your business, the impact you want to make and helps you fit this within your family priorities.
- Laura Garwood


What you might not know is that the brilliance you experienced is not an isolated event. That just IS Dana. The genius never stops. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing and continuing to experience Dana’s 1:1 coaching firsthand, and it’s been one of the most positive experiences of my life, and certainly THE most positive experience in my business. - Charlena Smith


If it wasn’t for Dana we would have given up on our business a long time ago. We spent years trying to navigate the confusing mess of online platforms and processes and all we had to show for it was a business in a rut with no clear way out. We were literally a day away from throwing in the towel when we scheduled a coaching call with Dana. We can’t recommend her highly enough! - Sean and Caroline Allen 


Thanks to Dana the ideas in my book are far more clear and compelling, and the launch was smooth, effective, and successful. There is simply no one I would rather brainstorm with. - Matt Johnson, Podcast Agency Owner & Author of MicroFamous

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