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NTC Coaching Certification Mentorship Application Page
Watch the video below to learn how the Certification works and how to quickly apply. We are taking applications as they come and we only have 10 spots available for the year and only 3 spots left.
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Don't wait to apply...here is how it works.

1. Record your quick video and submit your application. (We are only taking applications through Monday, May 16th and its first come first serve so make sure you record your video quickly and apply).

2. We will review your application within 24 hours and if you look like a good fit we will provide a link to schedule a call with me, Dana, to make sure it's the right time and program for you.

3. If we both agree it's a good fit, then you can commit and be one of the 10 people to go through and receive the NTC Coaching Certification.
Answers to your questions...
When does the mentorship start?
Start Date: Monday June 6th

All of the logistics will be handled before the end of May, and the official program starts on Monday the 6th with our first call happening Tuesday June 7th. 

How long does the program last? 
3 months to get the certification & 3 months of mentorship

Everyone will receive their certification at the end of August, just in time for the September rush, and to participate as certified coaches in our first Boss Mom Virtual Retreat right after labor day.  There will then be 3 additional months of mentorship as you bring clients on.

How many hours do I need to commit to a week?
About 5 hours a week

We believe the summer is the best time for this program...and we know that means kids might be home or vacations planned. The program is designed for moms so the way everything is run will be flexible and fluid, while also giving you everything you need.

Are there weekly calls?
Yes, Tuesday's at 9am pst 

The training doesn't happen on the weekly call. The weekly call is for discussion and support. That way if you have to miss a call you don't feel behind. Plus there will be ongoing micro-coaching happening so that missing a call con't put you behind.

Is there a community?
Yes, in Slack

This will be an intimate group of 10 ladies and we will be doing all of our work and connecting in Slack. We have tried other platforms for a program like this and Slack is the best. Plus it's an app on your phone so it's easy to engage, get what you need, and not get distracted by social media. 

Will I be guaranteed clients?
Kinda, as long as...

As long as you do the work and actually get the certification then you will get clients. While we technically can't guarantee you clients, I have a very long track record and your success is not only really important to me, it's also going to enhance the experience for our NTCS members. 

What is the investment?
The certification costs $5k

There is a payment plan if needed and all you have to do is get 2 clients to get and ROI and we won't open up the certification for a whole year so over time you will find that this was best possible investment.

Do I get individual time with Dana?
Yes, of course 

While the certification does not include individual calls, the mentorship will include Voxer access to me so that you can get support as you need it. 

How do I know I'm a good fit?
If you love being a business coach

Our perfect fit is someone who loves to coach and wants to plug into the NTC system and network so they don't have to build their own brand (right now) or do a ton of sales and marketing to get clients. 

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