Are You Cheating On Your Business?

If you thought of your business as a person with feelings, needs and dreams, you might just realize that you’re guilty of cheating on it. 

So many of us consider ourselves multi-passionate, but dabbling in multiple things could leave our businesses feeling neglected, which affects what we get out of them. 

What are the signs that our businesses feel neglected and want to be loved on a little more? How do we show up if we want to show our businesses that we love and value them? 

In this episode, I’m going to share the value of building a monogamous relationship with your business and how to renew your vows with it.

Maybe we’re not getting what we want from our business because our businesses aren’t getting what they want from us.

-Dana Malstaff  

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What our human relationships can teach us about our businesses
    If you thought of your business as a person with feelings, how would that change what you do?
  • How you hurt your business’ feelings
    What do we have to tell our business and how should we show up to let it know that it’s valued?  
  • Why our businesses end up feeling overwhelmed and neglected
    How do our businesses feel when we dump multiple projects on them and vacillate between a bunch of different things?


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