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5 Day Authority
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Make your life a little easier by taking these 5 steps to build authority in your market. 
Get your perfect client to fall in love with you without you having to stalk them on social media
Stop confusing the market with a ton of rogue content and become laser focused on the topics that will grow your business and revenue  
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Dana Malstaff
CEO, Boss Mom LLC

Hey awesome lady!

I launched the Boss Mom brand in 2015 with my first book Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro.

I had been in business as a consultant for 2 years and until Boss Mom was born I always had to work to get clients. I didn't have any real authority so I had to work extra hard.

Once Boss Mom was born I realized that authority isn't just about being good at what you's about so much more.

Everything I have learned and implemented here at Boss Mom, and for my clients over the last 5 years, I have distilled down into a few simple tactics to help you build authentic authority in your market.

I have accomplished a lot over the last 4 years and I could tell you a ton of cools things I have done, places I have spoke, money I have made...but that's not what's most important.

What's most important is the picture you see to the left. This is me being 'me' and building authority the right way doesn't mean you have to lose yourself or stop having fun.

I hope you decide to join the challenge and take 5 days to set your business and brand on the right path.

hugs & high fives,

Not Sure if You Need to Build Authority Right Now?
Or Not Sure if It's Possible for You?
If you are just starting out, or feel like you have been hanging out online for a while now and haven't built a name for yourself....
There are ways to establish yourself in your market right from day one.
You don't need to know any influencers to build authority
You don't need to have a ton of clients yet either
You don't need a big following (or any for that matter)
And you don't need an email list (yet at least)
This challenge is going to show you how to build authentic authority leveraging the people around you and simple strategies, and let me tell you... it works.
I can't force you to join the challenge... but if you were thinking you just weren't ready please don't wait.

This challenge is going to teach you strategies and tactics that will give your business momentum now...and that you can use in your business for years to come. 
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