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5 Ways to Assess & Improve Your Customer Experience with Dana Malstaff

Episode 283: 5 Ways to Assess & Improve Your Customer Experience

Everything we do in our businesses should be with the intention of improving the journey we take our customers on and the experience we provide for them. In this episode I’m sharing 5 great strategies that will help you identify the gaps that exist in your current customer experience and how to refine and improve…

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Episode 273: Planning Your Annual Calendar

  This year is rapidly drawing to a close, and we are just weeks away from welcoming a new year, which means it’s time to start mapping out what our game plan is going to be for 2018. We all have our planners, and our Trello boards, and our notebooks, etc, to manage our projects,…

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Episode 258: 5 Secrets to Successful Implementation with Dana Malstaff & NJ Rongner

As business owners there are about a million different things we could be doing at any given moment, and too often we may find ourselves crippled by the weight of decision fatigue and perfectionism that cause us to never take the right kind of action in our businesses.   In this episode NJ and I…

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Episode 254: Creating a Family Legacy Through Your Business with PJ Jonas

One of the beautiful parts of being a Boss Mom is having the unique opportunity to make choices about the kind of life and business you’re building, while showing your kids what that crazy, awesome journey looks like.   In this episode I’m joined by PJ Jonas, Founder of Goat Milk Stuff and Host of…

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Episode 250: Finding Success in Surprising Places with Jenny Stemmerman

Sometimes life and business can take interesting turns, and in this episode I’m talking with the lovely Jenny Stemmerman, creator of the Your Life Rocks podcast, all about how to find and embrace success in surprising places!   Jenny describes herself as a “recovering workaholic” who spent over a decade climbing up the corporate ladder…

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Episode 248: The Power of Using Innovation to Solve Problems with Laura Roeder

In this episode NJ and I are joined by Laura Roeder, the Founder & CEO of Edgar, a revolutionary social media scheduling tool that changed the way business owners are able to share social media content.   During our conversation you’ll hear all about Laura’s journey to starting her company, becoming a mom and how…

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Episode 229: How to Run Your Business & Life Through Your Strengths with Alissa Daire Nelson

  As many of you know, I’m currently in the thralls of getting certified in an appreciative inquiry program through L.E.A.F and it’s all about owning and leveraging your strengths, in life and business.   It focuses on the idea that when we leverage our strengths together that they outweigh the weaknesses in our systems,…

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Episode 224: How to Discipline Your Business Like You Discipline Your Child

Are you someone that struggles to be disciplined in your business when it comes to following through on the things that will really move you forward? In this episode we are exploring how to apply the same principles for teaching your children discipline, to learning to be disciplined in your business.   Listen + subscribe on iTunes // Stitcher…

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Episode 223: How to Choose the Right Tools to Use in Your Business with Dana

Recently we unveiled the brand new Boss Mom Website, including a fabulous new resources page created to help you clarify which tools you need and when you need them, depending on where exactly you are in your business. As your business, products and services morph and grow, the tools you need will likely change too,…

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Episode 221: How to Get Things Done While Your Kids are at Home with Dana & NJ

For many of us Boss Moms, figuring out how to get work done while our kids are at home is a daily reality (and no easy feat!) In this episode NJ and I are discussing strategies and tips for actually being productive and getting things done while the kids are home for a sick day,…

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