Episode 302: How to Build Marketing Relationships w/NJ Rongner

Relationships are the lifeblood of people and business. How can you go about building more strategic partnerships that can be mutually beneficial? How do we decide where to put our energy when we’re developing relationships? What are some of the mistakes we make? On this episode, NJ Rongner shares on the importance of building and…

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Episode 300: How to Break Out of Accidental Entrepreneur Mode and Into Purpose and Intention w/Christy Wright

70% of Americans don’t like their day jobs. This statistic could apply to stay-at-home moms too, not just those who work outside the home. On this episode: speaker, author, and coach Christy Wright shares valuable insights on these topics. Why is it smart for women to create something that allows them to put their talents to good use? How…

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