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Growing Your Business

Episode 15: How Lou Mongello Left His Law Practice and Started Publishing Books About Disneyland

Building a business isn’t always about the money. It’s about having the freedom to do what we love, surround ourselves with people we actually like, and spend more time with our families. How can we teach our children that their passions aren’t something they should only do in their free time? Why is accountability so…

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Episode 358: Nurture Your Business: How to Prep Your Business for the Holidays

  During the holidays, it can be easy for us to fall behind or work too much. However, all of this can be prevented with a bit of planning. How does your industry and offerings determine how much time you should put into holiday promotions? What is the holiday revenue that you want? Why is…

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Episode 356: Nurture Your Business: How to Brainstorm Your Opt-in

  Opt-ins have become very popular because they are a way for entrepreneurs to grow their email list and for consumers to get access to bits of free content. What are the two key things we should know before we do an opt-in? Where should our opt-in journey start? On this episode, I share a…

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Episode 355: How to Start Your Own Successful Freelancing Business w/Micala Quinn

  For many moms who are frustrated with 9-5 jobs, freelancing is a great way to make money and make time for their families. What’s driving this demand for freelance work? How can we find the right jobs in freelancing? How can we leverage what we’re good at? On this episode, Micala Quinn shares how…

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Episode 353: Nurture Your Business: 3 Authentic Ways to Create Scarcity

  If an offer is always available, there’s no rush for our potential clients to buy, and they might forget about us altogether. How can we implement the notion of scarcity of time? Why is a countdown timer a must? What are the other two types of scarcity, and how can we combine them? In…

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Episode 352: What Good Selling Looks Like & Why Anyone Can Do It w/ Kendrick Shope

  Selling is one of the hardest parts of being a business owner, but it’s also a necessity. How can we sell without being salesy? What does good selling look like? What alternatives are there for introverts? In this episode, Kendrick Shope talks about how we can sell with integrity while improving or ability to…

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Episode 351: Nurture Your Business: Three Vital Questions to Help You Set Daily Priorities

Business routines are challenging to build because there’s always that fear of missing out or making mistakes. Why isn’t there a size-fits-all routine we can all follow? Why should we ask ourselves questions instead of using to-do lists? Why is it important to always keep an eye on generating new leads? In this episode, I…

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Episode 350: How to Build a Subscription-Based Business from Home w/Julie Ball

  Subscription programs are rising in popularity, but it’s a model that works better for some than others. What’s the best way to test the waters before launching products? What are the two business models that work for subscriptions? What types of subscription businesses are more likely to succeed? In this episode, Julie Ball talks…

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Episode 349: How to Boost Your Authority and Build a Larger Client Base Using Media Appearances w/Christina Nicholson

  Media appearances aren’t just for celebrities and big companies. Small businesses can leverage them as well. What are the first steps we should take towards exposure in the media? Are a few appearances enough to generate leads for years to come? How does the media cycle impact the number of times we need to…

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Episode 347: Nurture Your Business: When to Coach, Support, or Stand Back in Business & Life

  We love solving problems, but what happens when our clients need something else from us? Perhaps support or just someone who can listen to their problems? How can we identify ways to better serve our clients? When should we give advice and when should we just listen as a friend? In this episode, I…

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