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Growing Your Business

Episode 29: Plant, Nurture, Grow, Pollinate: How Dana & NJ Grow Their Businesses [Podcast]

How Dana & NJ grow their businesses. In this episode of the Boss Mom podcast, Dana and NJ chat about how their businesses have evolved over time and the 4 things they’ve done to help with that growth. Let’s dive right in. Listen to the podcast:  Subscribe to the Boss Mom podcast in iTunes:  In…

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Episode 28: The Nurture Your Business Segment: 3 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Join A Coaching Program

It’s a bonus episode! Welcome to our new Nurture Your Business Segment. I will be doing YouTube training and also providing the audio through our Boss Mom Podcast so you can get help growing your businesses in whatever way works best for you. Today I’m talking about the three essential questions to ask yourself before…

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Episode 26: 3 Essentials You Need In Your Business To Help It Grow [Podcast]

In this episode of the Boss Mom Podcast Dana and NJ talk about how they handle their business when they have sick kids and the three main pillars of running an efficient growing business as an entrepreneur.  Let’s dive right in! Listen to the podcast:  Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.  In this episode you’ll…

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Episode 24: A Very Special Announcement + Grow Your Business With These 4 Monthly Tasks

This is a very special episode of the Boss Mom podcast. In this episode you’ll hear Dana and NJ come together to talk about what’s next for the Boss Mom Brand, share a few awesome tips, and share what’s new with the Dana and NJ podcast episodes. Let’s dive right in. Listen to the podcast: …

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Episode 21: Outsourcing and Falling In Love With Your Business with Leah Remillet [PODCAST]

In this episode of the Boss Mom podcast Dana sits down with Leah Remillet, a success strategist for creative entrepreneurs. Curious as to what that means? Simply put, she teaches creative business owners how to strategically build strategies and implement systems to accomplish their specific goals and dreams. She teaches women how to be six figure, stay at home, mommy-preneurs, who can…

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EPISODE 005: 7 Must Have ‘Tools’ to Run Your Business, and a Few Bonuses [PODCAST]

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Episode 002: 4 Things I Do Just For Me, That Help Me Be a Better Mom & Entrepreneur

Hey there Boss Moms and passionate entrepreneurs. Welcome to Episode 2 of the Boss Mom podcast. I’m really excited to talk about this topic today, because I don’t think it gets talked about it enough, and I don’t think we give to ourselves enough as mothers and as business owners. In EPISODE 1 we talked with…

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EPISODE 001: How to Fuel Your Greatest Asset with Adria DeCorte [Transcript]

I’m really excited to welcome our very first guest on the Boss Mom Podcast. Now, Adria DeCorte is a healthy living strategist, and she helps female entrepreneurs, like all of those listening, make healthy living part of their business. And, I have her on as the very first interview or conversation that we have on…

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How to Save Time and Grow your Business by Letting Your Content Multitask.

Have you ever read a few posts on how to increase your visibility and wanted to cry thinking about all of the time it would take to do everything that’s recommended? Ok maybe that is a little dramatic, but you get the point. When you are what everyone is calling a solopreneur, your time is…

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