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Growing Your Business

Episode 387: How to Use Processes to Scale Your Business w/Brittany Dixon

When you’re an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to think about all the things you must do to take your business to the next level. Do you have the right systems in place yet? How do you know where to start? On this episode, Brittany Dixon shares her advice for scaling your business. Instead of…

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Episode 386: Why Scaling is Non-Negotiable for Success w/Barbara Turley

We’ve all heard that scaling is important for businesses to grow, but it’s also beneficial to your family’s wellbeing. How can scaling impact your children? What can you do to make the process easier? On this episode, CEO of Virtual Hub, Barbara Turley, is here to discuss why you need to build a company you…

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Episode 385: Nurture Your Business: How Boss Mom Makes Money

  Many women business owners feel uncomfortable charging their clients for their services. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs whose businesses aspire to empower the client. How can you stop feeling that way and start making more money? How have other empowerment-based businesses generated profits? On this episode, I explain how Boss Mom makes money,…

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Episode 384: Behind the Scenes of a Boss Mom Internal Meeting with Amy Lockrin

A lot of us listen to podcasts and attend talks with entrepreneurs, but it can be difficult to picture the daily running of the speaker’s business as they give examples or describe systems. What’s actually happening behind the scenes? How do finished products come to life? What does the process look like? On this episode,…

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Episode 383: Why Customer Experience is Vital w/Marylin DeLaHoz

There’s a lot of information and instruction available on how to find new clients, but not so much on how to keep those clients after their first experience with you. How can you retain people’s business and keep them in your database? What would you need to invest to maintain a relationship with them? On…

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Episode 24: How to Apply Storytelling to Our Business w/Jeff Bartsch

  Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from stories and storytelling. Is there a way for us to apply storytelling to our businesses? How do we find our story to tell? On this episode, I talk with television editor and online video content expert, Jeff Bartsch, about how to tell stories and leverage them to make…

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Episode 379: Nurture Your Business: How Successful Businesses Really Operate

  A lot of new entrepreneurs suffer with imposter syndrome: the thought that they don’t ‘deserve’ to be business owners. How can we stop thinking that way? What can we do to push those thoughts aside and start doing the work? On this episode, I share how you can change the way you think about…

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Episode 364: Nurture Your Business: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Make Any Big Commitment

When we’re trying to grow our businesses, it can feel like we need to invest in and buy #allthethings to get to that next level. Whether it’s coaching or a course, it can be hard to commit to just one thing. How can we make sure we’re investing only in what we need? What steps…

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Episode 360: Nurture Your Business: The 3 Keys to Pitching Yourself for Podcasts

Appearing on podcasts is a great way to establish ourselves as experts and land more clients by reaching people in need of our help. How can we find a niche that’s right for us? What kind of podcasts should we pitch? What should a pitch look like? In this episode, Matt Johnson shares how to…

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Episode 359: How to Build a Scalable Business and Reach the Next Level w/Allison Maslan

  Scaling our business doesn’t mean we have to work more or grind harder. How we can take our current business and make it scalable? What types of businesses fit the scalable model?  Why do the owners of bigger businesses step out of production, and what does their role become? In this episode, business owner…

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