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Content Strategy

Episode 369: Creating Online Courses that Sell, Add Value & Make Us Money While We Sleep! w/ Amy Porterfield

If the goal of an online business is to make money while we sleep, online courses are one of the most powerful ways to do this. What are the clues that tell us we have something we can build a profitable course on? How do courses help us free up time to be more creative,…

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Episode 368: Nurture Your Business: Is Your Content Calendar Actually Hurting Your Business?

Many of us spend a lot of time in social media, but we don’t actually know what we’re getting from it. As a result, the content we put out ends up achieving very little or nothing. What are two of the biggest mistakes people make with their content calendars? How can our content calendars actually…

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Episode 366: Nurture Your Business: When to Coach & When to Sell on a Call

  When dealing with prospects, it can be tough to know when our advice should be paid for and how much we should give away so people fall in love with us and want more from us. How can we find the right balance between coaching and selling so we’re giving value but not giving…

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Episode 18: How to Sell Successfully from the Stage & Win Our Ideal Clients w/Pete Vargas

Getting speaking engagements is a big deal for entrepreneurs because it does amazing things for our reach. How does speaking solve many issues in the space of lead generation and marketing? What does it take for us to build a system that leads us to the stage and also allows us to scale past it?…

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Episode 360: Nurture Your Business: The 3 Keys to Pitching Yourself for Podcasts

Appearing on podcasts is a great way to establish ourselves as experts and land more clients by reaching people in need of our help. How can we find a niche that’s right for us? What kind of podcasts should we pitch? What should a pitch look like? In this episode, Matt Johnson shares how to…

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Episode 13: Why Pat Flynn Started a Podcast With His 8-Year Old Son

Podcasting can be an effective way to build an audience and spend time with our loved ones. How can it help us build relationships with the people we would like to work with? How can we establish ourselves as experts in our niche by associating ourselves with other experts? How do we share information that…

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Episode 341: Nurture Your Business: The 7 Story Types that Will Improve Your Social Media Content

  There are certain types of stories that have been told for thousands of years but never get old because we relate with them so well. How can the discovery of archetypes by Jung help you create content that always resonates with your audience? What are the 7 archetypes? In this episode, I discuss why…

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Episode 325: Nurture Your Business: How the Pie of Engagement Will Change How You Do Business

It’s hard not to get caught up in who is engaging in your community and of those that opt into your list and buy your programs who is really engaging and getting value.  We spend a lot of time focusing on the wrong people and on the wrong content because we don’t understand the pie…

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Episode 318: How to Go From Fear-Based Marketing to Putting Love at the Core of Our Messaging w/Michele PW

  The rules of traditional direct response marketing require us to push on our prospects’ biggest fears and negative emotions. How is this messaging confusing to the consumer? How can we tap into the right kind of emotions? Why is it so valuable to know what’s keeping your ideal client up at night? On this…

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Episode 303: Nurture Your Business: How to Build Authority Through Content

  Our use of content shouldn’t be about publishing just for the sake of publishing– it should always be strategic. Why is it so important to leverage your content to increase your authority? What are the aspects of authority that you have to earn with your audience? How does it benefit your business as a…

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