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Content Strategy

Episode 22: How to Flip From Trading Time for Money to Implementing a Leveraged Model w/Troy Dean

Selling digital products gives creative freelancers the chance to leverage themselves, gain some freedom, and escape the time-for-money trap. How do we find our niche and connect to our ideal clients? How can we use social media platforms as focus groups? What does it take for us to give more value to the world? On…

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Episode 21: The Power of Failing Forward When You’re Growing & Scaling a Business w/Todd Palmer

  Many of us spend so much time running away from failure or refusing to accept it because we think it’s a weakness. The truth is: failure is an important part of reaching success. What are some of the lessons we learn from our failures? How do we overcome the imposter syndrome that gets in…

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Episode 375: Nurture Your Business: When & How to Build Your Team

When starting your journey as an entrepreneur, the thought of hiring a team can be daunting. How can you accommodate staff salaries into your budget? How do you know who to hire? Is there a strategic way to build a team? On this episode, I discuss how you can put together a team in the…

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Episode 374: How to Write Authentic, Relatable Copy that Solves Pain Points for Your Audience w/Tara Bosler

  Copy and content are a huge part of connecting with and selling to our target market. What are the foundational pieces of content we have to develop before we do anything else? What are some of the key steps often missed in writing content and copy? How do we address these gaps by understanding…

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Episode 373: How to Monetize Your Content with Brand Sponsorships w/Monica Pruett

  Getting brands to pay us for the things we’re already creating is an entrepreneurs dream, but it can seem difficult to make this happen. Why is sponsored content something any creator can find success with, even without a massive following,? Do you have to be on certain platforms to get sponsor dollars? On this…

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Episode 20: How Podcast Interviews Help Us Gain Visibility, Refine Our Message & Get In Front of More People w/Tom Schwab

  As business owners, the most work we do is cutting through the noise so that our audience can find us. Why is podcast one of the best ways to go from unknown to trusted expert? What are the things that determine whether a podcast marketing strategy can actually succeed and have predictable results? Why…

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Episode 372: How to Protect Your Brand, Business & Intellectual Property w/Autumn Boyd

  When you’re running an online business and you don’t address legal matters, it can come back to bite you. Why should we get the legality components straightened out right at the beginning when the business is small? How do contracts protect us from scope creep, disputes, and different expectations with the people we’re working…

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Episode 371: How to Decide What to Focus On In Your Business

The start of the new year gives boss moms the opportunity to refocus their business models— but what exactly does that mean? How can we begin to focus on our businesses in a world saturated with courses and advice coming from everyone with a social media following? In the first podcast of 2019, I narrow…

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Episode 370: Nurture Your Business: How to Figure Out What Problem You Solve

As human beings, we all want validation. For entrepreneurs, no validation is as great as knowing there’s a demand for the problem we solve. Why is it so important to be clear on what we want to be known for? How can we drill down to that problem and turn it into something we can…

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Episode 19: The Power of Experiences in Marketing w/Michael Stelzner

In a world that’s become so hyper-virtual, people still want a face-to-face, in-real-life experience that inspires them and gives them memorable moments. How did Michael Stelzner lean into this and build social media’s most well-known conference? Why is it so important to focus on doing less things, excellently, over more things done moderately? How do…

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