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Boss Dad

Episode 9: Overcoming Life’s Hardships Without Losing Hope for a Better Tomorrow w/Bryan Falchuk

Loving ourselves, finding the will to change, and chasing our goals can all be achieved if taken step by step. How do we find the will to change when we don’t love ourselves enough to believe we can do it? Why shouldn’t we dwell on the past or make predictions about the future? And why…

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Episode 8: Treating Your Business like a Living Organism w/ Jon Berghoff

For a long time, companies were seen as machines that could be tweaked to improve their performance. However, this approach has failed to take the human element into consideration. How can we see a company as a living organism instead of a machine? Why is personal development so important? And how can we help a…

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Episode 7: How Entrepreneurship Empowers Our Kids w/ Danny Maloney

Becoming a parent changes a lot about our lives– including our businesses. How does being a dad impact the dynamic of how you interact with your business? What can our children learn from our work? How do we build an amazing family oriented work culture and a thriving business at the same time? On this…

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Episode 6: How to Make Time to Spend With Your Family as a Busy Entrepreneur w/ Rich Brooks

Entrepreneurs often speak about freedom, but few manage to achieve it. How can you gain your free time back as a business owner? How does working less affect your business mindset? How can you block negative or doubtful thoughts? In this episode, Rich Brooks shares how he made time for his two daughters while leading…

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Episode 5: How Having a Family Helped Joe Find Out His Worth, Set Boundaries & Grow His Business While Working Less w/ Joe Sanok

Building a business and maintaining a growing family at the same time might sound scary, but it can also help you prioritize the things that truly matter. Is having less time an opportunity to set boundaries for your clients? What happens when you have can’t do everything and have to choose? How can having a…

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Episode 4: How to Build a Business That Makes the World Around You a Better Place with Dr. Richard Shuster

  Every entrepreneur wants to build a legacy. What do you want to be remembered for? What can you do to grow your business right now? And how much time do you invest in the things that truly matter? On this episode, Dr. Richard Shuster shares his personal experience of raising his son and building…

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Episode 3: Take Bold Action and Get What You Want with Acclaimed Artist, Jay Alders

More about Jay: Jay Alders is an internationally acclaimed artist whose distinctive style is recognized around the world. His work has been featured on TV, magazine covers and albums. Jay does live painted on stage with rockstars. Jay lives with his entrepreneurial wife Chelsea and their 3 young children at the Jersey shore. Things We…

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Episode 2: How to Live Life in the Front Row with Jon Vroman

Welcome to episode 2 of the new Boss Dad podcast. Jon Vroman, the founder of the Front Row Foundation, is the perfect start to our first season. His journey from in debt to #1 college speaker in the nation is a journey you are going to want to hear. Have a listen as he talks…

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