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Episode 19: The Power of Experiences in Marketing w/Michael Stelzner

In a world that’s become so hyper-virtual, people still want a face-to-face, in-real-life experience that inspires them and gives them memorable moments. How did Michael Stelzner lean into this and build social media’s most well-known conference? Why is it so important to focus on doing less things, excellently, over more things done moderately? How do…

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Episode 18: How to Sell Successfully from the Stage & Win Our Ideal Clients w/Pete Vargas

Getting speaking engagements is a big deal for entrepreneurs because it does amazing things for our reach. How does speaking solve many issues in the space of lead generation and marketing? What does it take for us to build a system that leads us to the stage and also allows us to scale past it?…

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Episode 17: Crucible’s Gift: The Power of Embracing Adversity w/Dr. James Kelley

It can be easy to stress over the hard moments we’ve had in our lives, but there’s so much value in what we get out of them. Why is it important that we don’t immediately try to reframe the adversity we face? How does embracing the adversity in our lives actually change us for the…

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Episode 16: How Virtual Personal Training Can Help Us Reach Our Goals w/Jeff McMahon

For busy working parents, going to the gym isn’t exactly the easiest thing to fit into our schedules. However, we can still get in a workout without leaving the house. Why is virtual training such a great new way for entrepreneurs to stay fit, and why is it something very few people know about? How…

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Episode 15: How Lou Mongello Left His Law Practice and Started Publishing Books About Disneyland

Building a business isn’t always about the money. It’s about having the freedom to do what we love, surround ourselves with people we actually like, and spend more time with our families. How can we teach our children that their passions aren’t something they should only do in their free time? Why is accountability so…

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Episode 14: How to Get to the Highest Level of Income Generation w/Michael Koenigs

Many of us reach a point in our lives where we aren’t happy, even despite making money. We may have financial power, but no time for ourselves and our families. How can we create more opportunities for ourselves that don’t make us slaves to our work? What are the three levels of income generation? What…

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Episode 13: Why Pat Flynn Started a Podcast With His 8-Year Old Son

Podcasting can be an effective way to build an audience and spend time with our loved ones. How can it help us build relationships with the people we would like to work with? How can we establish ourselves as experts in our niche by associating ourselves with other experts? How do we share information that…

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Episode 12: Jim Sheils on Creating Balance with Your Business & Making Time for the People You Love

Being an entrepreneur requires sacrifice, and we may often end up sacrificing the time spent with our families as a result. How can we be both successful and intentional about how we spend time with our spouses and kids? What are the three golden rules for spending quality time with our kids? In this episode,…

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Episode 11: Major Lessons My Dad Taught Me that Made Me Successful

Our parents shape the way we see the world around us, and they can also teach us lessons that are applicable to our businesses. How can we help our children get a better understanding of the world around them? What’s the best way to pass on the lessons we’ve learned? And why is it so…

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Episode 10: Touching People’s Lives and Growing Your Business Through Gratitude w/ John Israel

Showing gratitude changes lives, and it could change your business as well. What is genuine gratitude, and how do we show it? Why do people care about our “why”? How can sending cards grow your business? In this episode, John Israel talks about how he made showing gratitude central to his business.   People don’t…

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