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Effective Storytelling & The Truth About Finding Your Purpose w/Greg Koorhan

The path to finding our purpose isn’t the same for everyone. For many entrepreneurs and creatives, finding out what we want to do is a process of peeling back the layers. This is the process filmmaker Greg Koorhan took, going from a job in a marketing agency, to one focused on storytelling. What can we […]

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How to Succeed Against All Odds w/Daniel Blue

A lot of us have gone through traumas and difficulties in life that have the potential to shape us negatively. How can we get past those experiences and succeed against the odds? How can we continue to excel once we’ve moved past your trauma? On this episode, owner of Quest Education, Daniel Blue shares how […]

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How to Capitalize on Your Gifts w/Dustin W. Stout

In the current economy, a lot of people shy away from entrepreneurial ventures because they’re afraid the industry is already too saturated. Is it possible to still make a dent in the market? What role do your gifts play in this endeavor? On this episode, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and digital marketing consultant, Dustin W. Stout […]

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How to Simplify Your Processes and Make a Better Impact on the World w/Ed Rush

We live in a world where so much is overcomplicated. How can you simplify your business process? Can your new approach have a positive impact on your social environment? On this episode, 5-time Bestselling author, decorated pilot and 2020 Presidential hopeful, Ed Rush shares how to simplify business and change the world for the better. […]

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How to Build a Business People Trust w/Mark Schaefer

  Social media and online platforms have brought a lot of changes to the business world, but many brands are slow in adjusting. How can we build an online persona that connects with our customers? How has the role of the customer shifted? On this episode, author, blogger, and podcaster Mark Schaefer explains why human […]

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Episode 25: Book Writing & How to Extract the Story We Really Want to Tell w/Azul Terronez

  The process of creating and writing a book is a bit like giving birth— there’s a lot we go through to get to that raw, honest truth. What are some of the hurdles that get in the way of creation? What is the first step we need to take to start writing that book? […]

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Episode 24: How to Apply Storytelling to Our Business w/Jeff Bartsch

  Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from stories and storytelling. Is there a way for us to apply storytelling to our businesses? How do we find our story to tell? On this episode, I talk with television editor and online video content expert, Jeff Bartsch, about how to tell stories and leverage them to make […]

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Episode 23: How to Be Authentic in Your Marketing, Lead by Giving Value & Create a Legacy w/Bob Heilig

Many entrepreneurs design their business from the position of scarcity, and it’s evident in the way they promote themselves and their products. How do we shift our business strategy from wanting to win to wanting to help other people? When we have a product to sell, why is it so important to avoid being too […]

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Episode 22: How to Flip From Trading Time for Money to Implementing a Leveraged Model w/Troy Dean

Selling digital products gives creative freelancers the chance to leverage themselves, gain some freedom, and escape the time-for-money trap. How do we find our niche and connect to our ideal clients? How can we use social media platforms as focus groups? What does it take for us to give more value to the world? On […]

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Episode 21: The Power of Failing Forward When You’re Growing & Scaling a Business w/Todd Palmer

  Many of us spend so much time running away from failure or refusing to accept it because we think it’s a weakness. The truth is: failure is an important part of reaching success. What are some of the lessons we learn from our failures? How do we overcome the imposter syndrome that gets in […]

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