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Can evergreen actually make as much money as live launches?

Wish you could get your content seen more?

Wish you could get your content seen more?

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We have all been led to believe that live launches are a better marketing model than evergreen. However, there are many things involved in live launches that make it difficult for mom business owners to be successful and actually make the money they want.

We’ve seen the few entrepreneurs online that make live launches look easy and alluring. If you pay attention to their business journey long enough, you will see after a while they talk about using an evergreen sales funnel, which is how all businesses should be run.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, a Boss Moms’ lifestyle just does not accommodate having another baby, which is exactly what live launching feels like.

Mom life is full of distractions, so we have to build businesses that can handle our unpredictable schedules.

Can Evergreen Actually Make As Much Money As A Live Launch?
Can Evergreen Actually Make As Much Money As A Live Launch?

So how do we get our audience to focus and buy the thing we are trying to sell?

When we think of live launches, we think of opening a sale for a limited time, then closing the sales cart. There is a difference between ongoing sales and opening and closing sales carts. In ongoing sales, you are having sales calls and generating revenue in real-time every day.

In a live launch model, you are offering your product or service on a timeline, meaning your cart is open for a window of time, then it closes. They often do this using a webinar, a challenge, or going live on social media.

Your sales cart opens when you launch and closes when your launch is over, giving your audience a small timeframe to buy your offer. This is to create a sense of urgency for your offer.

A live launch marketing model is a five-step process where you create your product or offer, create content in preparation to launch your offer, market your offer, sell and deliver your offer, then maintain your offer.

During live launches, you go through a launch cycle where you, as the creator, are on a timeline. You’ve set dates, and it left a schedule for your launch and with no choice on what you need to be working on.

As a Boss Mom, this model does not work best. If you are tired, your toddler goes through regression and isn’t sleeping well, or you simply don’t feel like being live, you don’t get to choose because you’ve already set and announced dates (for webinars, challenges, or lives) and each section requires you to stay on task and schedule to launch your offer on time.

At Boss Mom, we believe your beautifully unpredictable schedule isn’t something that needs to be fixed to be successful (because you can’t).

Instead, we teach you a system in our Nurture to Convert Society that gives you more control of your income potential by creating a business that is systematized and automated in every way that will grow your business without sacrificing family time even if you don’t like sales and marketing.

Can Evergreen Actually Make As Much Money As A Live Launch?
Can Evergreen Actually Make As Much Money As A Live Launch?

If live launches aren’t better then why does everyone love them?

In the marketing world, there is a common misbelief swirling around that live launches are better than evergreen because live launches generate a larger amount of revenue in a short time, while an evergreen model produces a steadier stream of income.

The question is, better for who?

Live launches seem alluring…

  • Because the money comes fast. The problem is, if you do not make the sales you want during the live launch, then you aren’t making any profits until your next launch.
  • All the people trying to sell you are selling how to earn more money fast and people take the bait. It’s sexy to earn money fast.
  • You believe you will get tons of momentum, and engagement because it’s lives. Unfortunately, if you do not already have an audience, community, or email list, then it won’t result in this way.

“Social engagement does not equal revenue. Live launches are only successful if you already have an evergreen funnel building a list and a community that’s super engaged.” – Dana Malstaff

Truth is…

  • Every single person with a large successful live launch has an evergreen funnel on the backend. There isn’t a single person you see with a successful live launch that hasn’t built up their email list first.
  • During a live launch, you have no schedule flexibility, which is really hard for a mom.
  • If you haven’t already been nurturing and building authority with an evergreen sales funnel, then it’s really hard to get people to buy fast enough. Typically, you would have to live launch four or five times for people to trust you enough to buy.
  • Live launches make you rush to meet unrealistic deadlines and eventually burn you out. (Have you heard of launch PTSD?)

Besides the live launch business model, there are many marketing mistakes Boss Moms are making in the online businesses that are costing them time, money, and effort. Watch here to find out what those 7 mistakes are.

Live Launches Are Always Stressful.

  • Because they have a very specific timeline. If you have a 1-year-old and they are having a terrible week sleeping, it doesn’t matter, you’ve already committed and set dates. There is a commitment that can cause problems for a mom’s unpredictable schedule.
  • Just because it’s a live launch doesn’t mean it will be successful. The people who have successful live launches have actually been marketing to their audience for months before the live launch happens. So if you are just starting out with live launches, you may not see that same success.
  • Parenting is hard enough on its own…don’t make it harder by using marketing tactics that aren’t supportive of your lifestyle. If you create an atmosphere where your business revenue depends on how well your launch performs, then that is not fun. We should want to build a business that provides a successful escape where you feel fulfilled and we do that by removing the stress of live launches and working towards consistent revenue over time with an evergreen business model.

Live launches can never be iterative.

Live launches work on a pre-determined timeline because it’s based on dates. It can never be iterative. Once the timeline is done, then you have all this time where you are not making money to figure out how to make it better for the next time and you aren’t able to test your new ideas until your next launch. One of the biggest issues with live launches is the fact that you cannot test them.

So if you didn’t make the money you expected during your live launch, then you are struggling and scrambling to find a new thing to launch to make up the difference.

It’s better for mom entrepreneurs to launch their business using an evergreen model because it’s better to have a product, course, or membership that is consistently being offered to your market and then figure out how you can tweak it so you can continually make it better.

In the live launch model, you have no feedback loop to make sure it is going to sell versus in an evergreen model, you can test your ideas every single day so incrementally over the next weeks and months you are making more sales.

Is there a specific time a live launch will make sense for moms?

No. Live launches make little sense for the lifestyle of a mom. This doesn’t mean you just have to have passive income products for an evergreen to work. It means you have to have an email nurture system, and I think that’s really important because then you aren’t beholden to the launch.

You can connect with people in a way that really helps grow your business systematically, helps grow your following authentically, helps you create a consistent flow of people that come into your space, and then take action towards getting to know you and potentially buying your products and services automatically.

The launch no longer has power over you, you have power over the launch and you get to decide when you’re going to launch something. You’ve then given yourself more time, space, and capacity to put it all together.

A good indicator of a successful business is a business that can run and earn money without you doing everything in your own business. With an evergreen model, you will have more time for marketing your offer or services. These are all really important aspects of getting out of launch PTSD and running a really substantial business.

If this evergreen business model is making you excited and you are thinking “I don’t have all those things in place”, do not worry, that’s why I created the Nurture to Convert Society to help actually create the system that works to pull you out of launch PTSD.

Live launches do not make sense for the lifestyle of a mom
Live launches do not make sense for the lifestyle of a mom

If Evergreen is better, how do I turn evergreen?

An evergreen business strategy helps you earn consistent income over time and lets you skip the stress of a live launch because you’ve created a system that sells for you on the back end so that 80% of what you do is always marketing.

An evergreen model will give you more consistency than your home life will. This is very important because you will be less frustrated with your kids. Imagine not having to be pulling time and energy from each other. You will have more flexibility to do the things in your business that feel right and fit better in your unpredictable schedule. You do not want a business that, because of timing; you resent your family or your business.

What is included in a Simple Evergreen Sales Funnel?

In our sales and marketing coaching membership for Boss Moms, we call simple evergreen sales to funnel your free to paid journey.

Your free to paid journey is a really enjoyable way of describing the user experience you create to strategically lead people from your free content to your paid offerings.

Your free to paid journey begins with drawing people in through mindfully created content that captures the attention of your ideal clients. Once you’ve captured their attention, your free-to-paid journey will allow you to continue building the value and trust with your audience that will (if done correctly!) convert them into paying clients.

You need five things to create an evergreen sales funnel: an entry point of content, an opt-in, a low-priced product, an email nurture sequence, and a high-end product or service.

Simple Sales Funnel
Simple Sales Funnel

Think of the evergreen free to paid journey like dating.

We begin in the dating pool. This is where your ideal client discovers you. It is where all your content lives. This can be a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, or social media.

Once your ideal client finds you, you ask them out on a first date. This is your opt-in, which should give enough value to pique someone’s interest so they want to get to know you more and give your their email address.

Once your ideal client joins your email list for your opt-in, you will offer your “easy yes” product. The “easy yes” product is a low-priced product that ranges between $17-$47 that keeps them excited. Your low-priced offer should be a product that makes your ideal client’s life easier and solves an immediate problem for them. In our Nurture To Convert Society, we help you brainstorm your free to paid journey from beginning to end.

Then you are going to show some legs. This is where you’re showing more of who you are, but not everything you offer just yet. We do this by using an email nurture sequence, which solidifies your expertise and gets your ideal client to fall in love with you.

The last step of your free to paid journey is commitment. This is when you and your ideal client move in together, buy a dog, choose curtains and there are wedding bells! Simply put, it is when your ideal client believes you are the person to help them solve their problem and buy your high-end service or offer.

Now, if you decide you want, step-by-step help to create your opt-in, easy yes, your simple sales funnel, and all the training and support that happens in the community, you can hop over to NurtureToConvert.com and go check it out.

Boss Moms Should Start With An Evergreen Funnel.

Both an evergreen model and a live launch model created a sequence of nurturing your audience to a sale. The big difference is in a live launch. You are nurturing your audience on your time, putting pressure to sell to reach a sales goal. It is very goal-centric.

In an evergreen model, you are nurturing your audience on their time. Evergreen is like slow, methodical dating. You aren’t adding pressure to buy when they aren’t ready, instead; you are getting to know them and building trust. An evergreen model is more people-centric.

Mom entrepreneurs should jump into an evergreen funnel immediately after creating their offer.

  • As Boss Moms, our schedules are too unpredictable and inconsistent to launch anything live. An evergreen business model gives you the flexibility to run your business the way you want without pulling you away from your family.
  • Once your evergreen business model is created, you spend 80% of your daily business routine marketing, instead of recreating products all the time.
  • An evergreen model is like dating. Over time, you will gain the trust of your audience enough to buy from you without planning out big launches or even selling big expensive products.
  • Success is iterative. An evergreen marketing funnel gives you space to do market research, ask your audience for feedback, make tweaks to your offer while promoting your product and earning money.
Can Evergreen Actually Make As Much Money As Live Launches?
Can Evergreen Actually Make As Much Money As Live Launches?

In the Nurture to Convert Society, we teach mom entrepreneurs how to set up their evergreen business model from day one. We provide templates, tech training, and ongoing support from our progress coaches and the community to help you develop your ideas into a profitable and fulfilling business that gives to you, not takes from you.

And if you always feel like there isn’t enough time and you can’t handle one more thing. Then you need to check out our free training on “7 mistakes Boss Moms make when trying to grow an online business that drains your time and energy and money”.

It will give you permission to stop doing a few things and give you the exact strategy to grow your business in less time.

Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff is the Founder of Boss Mom and creator Nurture to Convert.
She is a mother, author, speaker, messaging strategist, podcaster, blind spot reducer, and movement maker. She believes that too many brilliant moms are struggling to figure out how to grow their business while balancing all that is required to be a good mom, partner, and woman. So many moms are trying to grow their business using trends that feel inauthentic and aren't realistic for their inconsistent schedules. She has helped thousands of women become known for their brain and not their dance moves

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