How to Go From Only Thinking About Today in Our Businesses, to Being Able to Think About Tomorrow

For most Boss Moms, taking two weeks off would put us two weeks behind. Wouldn’t it be great if our businesses got better even when we’re not there? 

The great news is, that’s possible. We just have to think about our businesses from a different perspective, and shift from thinking day-to-day, to looking to what’s next. 

That being said, that can be easier said than done. How can we think about the long-term and plan for it effectively, while staying focused on what needs to be done now?

In this episode, I’m introducing 2 concepts spoken about in the Nurture to Convert society: focus milestones and increasing your levels of norm.

“Move through the levels of norms, create your focus milestones and give yourself grace for where you are now.”

-Dana Malstaff

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to sidestep shiny object syndrome
    Let’s face it, it’s tough to stay focused when shiny objects abound. How can we stay dialed in to what needs to be done, right now?
  • Why giving ourselves time to think is more helpful than we realize
    Aside from short-term focus, how can letting our ideas marinate for a while benefit our businesses?
  • The key to increasing our levels of norm
    We’re so used to thinking in terms of what our lives look like now, but what if we started thinking in terms of how those norms shift?


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