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Building a Website That Attracts Your Ideal Client w/Samantha Johnston

Having an effective website is a vital element of creating a successful business. How can we build websites that get potential clients to know, like and trust us? Which pages should we be paying attention to, and why is it important to let our personalities shine through on our websites?

On this episode, CEO of Neapolitan Creative, Samantha Johnston, shares how to build a website that brings us clients who will not only love our products, but who we’ll love working with.

“Visitors to your site must become aware of you, get to know you, and make a decision to buy what you’re selling.” -Samantha Johnston

Things We Learned From This Episode

1. Get visitors to know, like and trust us (28:02 – 28:56)

We’ve all heard that to be successful in sales, we need to get potential clients to know, like and trust us. The same goes for a website; we have to create awareness of who we are so we can get clients to like us and ultimately, build enough trust so that they’re happy to work with us. The best way to do this on a website is by thinking about how visitors will navigate our websites.

2. Build a great homepage to set the right tone (30:05 – 31:00)

The first place clients visit on our websites is the homepage, so we need to ensure everything they need to know is available there. This is where we build awareness for new visitors, and provide easy links to those who already like us and are willing to buy our products.

3. Pay attention to personality (32:12 – 33:20)

We could have the most beautifully designed website in the world, but if we don’t have the copy to match, we run the risk of losing customers. Our copy needs to make sense with our design and showcase our personalities. By letting our personality come through on the website, we attract like-minded people who will not only enjoy our products, but who we’ll enjoy working with.

Successful businesses have successful websites, so to get ahead, we have to ensure we’re creating an online experience our customers enjoy. We need to get clients to know, like and trust us. One of the best ways to do that is by giving as much information about us as possible, while making sure that this information is easily accessible. However, we can’t just stop there. To make sure we’re attracting the right customer, we have to let our personalities shine throughout the website. We need to make our websites our own.


Guest Bio

Samantha Johnston is the CEO of Neapolitan Creative. She is passionate about helping clients craft their own brands with style, personality and heart. Samantha loves what she does, and in particular, enjoys being able to uplift and empower female entrepreneurs. 


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