Boss Mom of the Week: Reina Pomeroy

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Reina Pomeroy is the founder of the Life + Biz Success Coaching Practice at Reina + Co. She helps ambitious, creative bosses who have a million great ideas that the can’t seem to make happen. She helps them stop spinning their wheels and take action on what’s most important so they become the go-to expert in their field. Reina is a former Social Worker and a Psychology major and has a slight obsession with connecting with people and creating results – She also owned a wedding planning business before she realized how much she loved to help creatives. One of her strongly held beliefs in business is that entrepreneurs often wear more than one hat at a time and it’s important to discuss the intersection of business and life in order to achieve maximum success, whatever that looks like for you.

Reina Family Photo

What is your favorite quote or motto and why?

It’s the quote that’s on the back of my business card. Life is too damn short not to love every single day. My mentor lost her best friend to cancer when she gave me this advice – it really encouraged me to take the leap from cushy job to the uncertainties of entrepreneurship.

It reminds me of how precious life is, how grateful I am every day for what I do and all that I have. It gives me courage to coach, courage to learn, courage to do things that are “different” than the life I was taught would be safe to live.

What is your go-to quick dinner for your family?

This times a million: Black bean and quinoa enchilada bake from Two Peas and their Pod.   Or anything in the frozen section at Trader Joe’s. (Boss Mom here… us too! We love us some Trader Joe’s!). 

Tell us your favorite blog to read, podcast to listen to, or Instagram account to follow and why you love.

For leisure:  The Small Things Blog. I LOVE Kate and how normal she is. I love how down to earth, funny and easy she makes beauty look!  And she talks about the reality of mom-hood (I’ve been following her for a long time and I’m pretty excited I get to meet her in March).

For business: Elle & Company Design

And mostly it’s newsletters, books, and webinars that I’m learning from. I have made a conscious effort of weeding the good sources out before feeling overwhelmed that I don’t know everything, that I didn’t know of things (hint: you won’t ever know everything. There will always be something you aren’t aware of).

What are you reading?

Daring Greatly (again) and People Over Profit.

What is one thing you love doing that is really just for you?

I talk to my girlfriends, I paint my nails. I travel for work (and I LOVE IT).

What is your favorite thing to do with the family?

Go for a walk. It’s so fun to see what my 2 year old is into these days. He loves experimenting, looking at surprisingly simple things, takes delight in things I don’t even notice. I love walking with my husband and our dog as my son sprints ahead giggling.

Reina Family Photo 2

What is your ultimate passion and how are you fulfilling that in your business now?

My passion is to help others. My life purpose is to be the spark of desire that lights life on fire and I take that to mean that I serve others to find that thing that really fulfills them. In that way, I am a life coach. I will always ask questions so that people feel comfortable with me, tell me things that they haven’t yet admitted to themselves. It’s an honor to witness people acknowledge the things that they’ve been wanting. It comes usually as a whisper but with some work, we can tease it out, helping them to listen more carefully to that voice. It sounds so woo woo but it’s just that we don’t value the intuition when in reality it’s a strong force. I help to get clear on their missions, people’s core purpose and values. I get to do this work every single day. I absolutely adore it.

reinaheadshot-15-web_24793550920_oReina has a great newsletter that you should know about! Sunshine Mail, where she sends out a lot of  fun business and life tips and tricks that help promote productivity, passion, and purpose!  To check that out, head here.

Additionally, Reina creating a few different beta courses in the first half of this year! One is a program that will help people go from amazing incredible ideas to strategy and actual implementation. Another one is for maximizing the dollars you spend in conferences. And finally a course to help newer entrepreneurs get the hang of putting themselves out there. If any of those seem like you, Reina wants to have a chat with you! She’s creating programs specifically for people rather than launching something that isn’t tested! Head here to connect with her.

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Connect with Reina on her social media accounts.

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